Friday, October 22, 2010

Free LPS Brown Bunny

Stardoll is giving away another old Littlest Pet shop Bunny
If you don't have it, here is your chance because LPS animals so far haven't been available to be sold in starbazaar :S 
Anyway to get it - 
►If you are from Russia, Latvia or Estonia, Go and Enter a stardoll contest HERE
►If you aren't from Russia, Latvia or Estonia - Follow these steps to get it:
1)Go to Russian proxy like
2)In URL blank box Paste stardoll link:
3)Click Surf OR just Hit Enter on keyboard
4)Log in stardoll
5)Now on the proxies URL link box Paste contest link:
6)Click Go, Wait till page loads
7)Leave proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Bunny should be in a giftbox in your suite [:
Available till 29.10

Isn't it cute?
Will you be getting it?


Miss M said... adorable. I'm getting it. Thanks! X 1st xD

Romana/Romana.Dawn said...

So cute!!

Anonymous said...

Aww... It's so cute. ^-^

Princess__17 said...

I don't like this LPS items, I think we have enough of them. But I wont pass! Thanks for telling us!

Anonymous said...


Catriona said...

I love all the LPS pets! And they're perfect for one room I have, which is a little girls bedroom ;)

Lemy100 said...

soooooo cuutee!!! i loove it! thank you!!!

Lemy100 said...

soooooo cuutee!!! i loove it! thank you!!!

Olivia Bellamy said...

That is like THE most adorable thing EVER ^.^ Thanks!

anaKonda said...

I cant resist these LPS pets, they are sooo cute and adorable :)

/twilighter70/♥ said...

It`s SO cute!
Thank you for telling us(:

Mihaela said...

Thaaanks :D It's so cute x)

QT_Yaz said...

soo, getting it!
thnks Ruth!

Tina said...

Thanks ;D
I like it better than the purple one(:

Dloo3t almama said...

it's not just a cute .. it's super cute .. really I love it .. thank you =)

Pink_Lover786 said...

Aweeh! soo cutee!

Lea said...

cute little bunny, but i think i will pass, sorry, anyway thanx

No-one in particular said...

i already have it x'D
but thanks[:

BeautyBxxtch said...

They're cute but I don't really like the LPS stuff :L
Thanks for the tip anyway [:

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