Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sunny Bunny Challenge

I love the new Sunny Bunny range, especially the piercing, as in real life I have snake bites and a septum piercing so I can add a little of myself to my medoll.

So my challenge is using 3 items or more from the new Sunny Bunny range create a cute, unique look and take a screen shot and post it here as a comment (or if you don't know how - post in my guestbook and I will take it for you) and my favorite will win 100 SD, 2nd place wins 50 SD and 3rd place 25 SD and the rest will be posted here for the world to see.

Entries must be in by Friday, you can use make-up and other starplaza accessories just make sure you use at least 3 or more Sunny Bunny items or your entry will be denied. Mine and my judges decision is final.


BlueMonkey100 said...

I love this stuff. (:

Anonymous said...

My stardoll name: ophelia_smith
I used:Sticker Merry Strawberry
Glum Plum extention Right-Left
Smarty Pants glasses
Midnight Lash Right-Left
Midnight Lower Lash Right-Left

Unknown said...

so going to enter, i'll just send you a message since my pc won't let me printscreen :]

Marie Riverwing/rralucaa1996 said...

Stardoll name :rralucaa1996
I used :
-glum plum extension right
-glum plum extension left
-2 dimple piercing

Good luck everyone !

Princess__17 said...

I'll enter during the day!

marta18 said...
Stardoll name :Marta18

АннаБГригорова said...

Hi, here's my entry.


Malesi said...
Username - Lovable_emo22

Sara.Brika said...

Can i send it today ??

Laavinia said...

Well, this is mine:
Stardoll name: Laavinia
...btw I like the collection is so creative...

Monika said...

I'm in.

sd name: monkityyy

aurora._ said...

oh i absolutely adore it!
so here's my entry:
username: keduce666

mini_12_5 said...

Looove it. ;3333

BY: mini_12_5

/twilighter70/♥ said...

I love it all >:D
Stardoll name;
Good luck to everyone ^^

Lissy said...

Hi, my stardollname is Punky_Lissy
and this is my Sunny-Bunny-Look for the competition

Unknown said...

I like the new collection so I'm in!!! :D I'll send mine in few minutes... ;)

Sara.Brika said...

Well then here is my entry :

Julie. said...

I love thiiis(:

So cute .i like the piercings <33

I used many things i won`t write them all.xD

sahar-star said...

Dimitrina Georgieva said...

My Sunny-Bunny look (:


Romana/Romana.Dawn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Here's my entry:
my Stardoll name: hp-4ever
items I used: Crow and Bow
Right Dimple Piercing (it's actually under my right eyebrow and not on my dimple :P)
SmartyPants Glasses
Lipring Piercing

Can't wait to hear who's the winner... ;) Good luck, everyone!! :D

kristyle2k4 said...
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kristyle2k4 said...
SN: kristyle2k4
I used:
Pink Drip Drop Glasses
Starcry Facestickers Right-Left
Nosering Piercing
Huntress Lens Left-Right
Midnight Lower Lash Left-Right
LipRing Piercing
Midnight Lash Left-Right
Left-Right Dimple Piercing (on corners of mouth)

9014_123_321 said...

Whoa great comp dude...i will be entering ;]

moviestarcelebs said...

SD name: moviestarcelebs :)

Mindy95 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mindy95 said...

I'm Mindy95.
I love this sunny bunny's collection!
I read that stardoll will do the clothes too!

No-one in particular said...

i'll enter in a bit xD

alexeiafenner said...

Stardoll Name: Alexeia

dieBrInI06 said...

My Sunny Bunny look:

Angel_of_HIM said...

I've a labret and a medusa. Now I can finally use it on my doll :]

Lettie97 said...


Miss M said...

Awesome!! Will enter in two minutes x]

Miss M said...

I think I went a bit OTT with what I used xDDDD

No-one in particular said...

Stardoll username:
Items Used:
2O SB Hair Extensions (Dark Violet)
4 SB Piercings (Studs)
2 SB Wolf Lens
Midnight Lash Right
Midnight Lash Left
Midnight Lower Lash Right
Midnight Lower Lash Left

No-one in particular said...

they're um..meant to look like pigtails ^^
lol xD

No-one in particular said...

..or some kind of hairstyle anyway xD

Chloé♥ said...



Karla - punkyrockkat. said...

Heres my entry:

Stardoll user: punkyrockkat

prima.princess said...

Stardoll user: prima.princess

Since I didnt knew what is the minimun number of entries one can submmit, I have done 2. In case one 1 entry is allowed, plz consider the 1st one.

My entry:

Unknown said...

I think that it's cute ^.^

mandy *-* said...
->Stardoll name: nana_manda2
Hope you like, good luck everybody!!!^_^

Vicky(s) said...

here is my entry:

username: viki_19950821

Dancaholic98 said...

Username: Dancaholic98
I used: Glum plum extension left
Glum plum extension right
LipRing piercing
Polar bear charm [x2]
Crow and bow
Midnight lower lash left
Midnight lower lash right

ToonMeggie said...

Username: StylishCherry9

Ashley said...

Username:xxAshley009xx I used two extensions and a piece of hair with a bow oh and 2 small bows

Marte said...

Stardoll name: Lauren-d
Direct link: http:/ /i52.tiny n83.jpg

iArmanda said...

Username - iArmanda
Entry -

Rayko said...

Here's my entry.^^
Name: Rayko

Julie said...

This is the first challenge I enter and I like the new Sunny Bunny stuff very much. :D
Stardoll name: Julie_Ch

. said...

I really want to enter, but I just got this new laptop and it doesn't work the way my old laptop did, and it doesn't have a printscreen key... just 2 keys that say SYSRQ PRTSC and when I press those buttons at the same time together and go to paint and press CTRL-V (paste) it does nothing. I'm really confused.

Its a toshiba laptop, btw.

Pink_Lover786 said...

Might Enter!!:P

anaKonda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anaKonda said...

This is my entry:

I used all my fav items from the store and created an extreme look that I would wear if I was bold enough lol

Stardoll username: MissLadyAnjah

RubyWhitmore said...

Stardoll name: RubyWhitmore
Things I used:
-green eyebrow piercing
-left dimple piercing
-sweet bunny ears (pink, from new collection)
-follow the white bunny earrings
along with some make-up from LUXE and DOT and some things from old Sunny Bunny collections.

RubyWhitmore said...

I know I posted one post and I am not entering again, I just noticed that I'm not logged in so I wasn't sure if you are going to accept it... Here we go again (:
Stardoll name: RubyWhitmore
Things I used:
-green eyebrow piercing
-left dimple piercing
-sweet bunny ears (pink, from new collection)
-follow the white bunny earrings
along with some make-up from LUXE and DOT and some things from old Sunny Bunny collections.

Unknown said...

user is medina1717
my entry is:

i love all of sunny bunny's stuff they all are so cute :3

good luck every1

red.girll said...

red.girll said...

i hope you like it!
stardoll username: red.girll

red.girll said...

i just noticed that it should be cute...well my doll is cute in my way:D

beckieface said...

username ; beckieface

Yaoi- kun said...

Nickname Ashley._Greene
Kawaii Lolita

Mihaela said...

Cool :D

Anónimo said...



Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maja/emolein12 said...

oooh i love piercings. i have 4 in real life - snakebites, industrial and tongue piercing.

my stardoll name: emolein12

Samantha said...

Username: sdsistas

I love the new collection. c:

FatimaaaaaL said...

i decided to go goth style!!!!
hope you like it!!!

Unknown said...

Stardoll username: mizprincessE101



Hope you like it! =)

. said...

I figured out how to do it(:

Stardoll name: Foxy_Roxie
I included what I used in the picture(:

the2glams said...

StardollUntucked said...

My Stardoll Name : SassyButNerdy
My items:
Glum Pum Extension
MoonLight Dreamer Necklace
2 Icecream cone Stickers
2 Dimple Piercinqs
:] Good luck to everyone else

Anonymous said...

Uuh dont have money to buy them but I think tonite I'll buuy more sd (:

anyways this is mine:

Hey I'll but it as soon as I can :D

perli_princess on stardoll

.ohnaba. said...

Good Luckkk Everyone♥

9014_123_321 said...
I used alot of the new things the Plum extention L-R, the dimple peircings, and the lip ring.

Good luck to everyone xD

Ameena said...

Awesome comp :D


katara4 said...

here's my entry:

sd username: katara4

i hope you like it :]

Lukansha said...

my sd name: luka_jewel

cosimi said...

here is mine:))

9014_123_321 said...

ohh and my stardoll user name is
sowie i forgot ;[

the-girl-next-door said...

here is my entry:
stardoll name:miss.privacy

Anonymous said...

Hello,i´m just entering this challnge,but i don´t how to do the picture and i have still the sunny bunny look please look me and my username is :kristinkakiki

Anonymous said...

the other link isnt works :/

perli_princess on stardoll

Anonymous said...

I love Sunny Bunny!
User: x_tammii3_x

Here is my entry!:

Lea said...

love the stuff

Anonymous said...

Hi all! I'm from London but am living in Berlin at the moment.
Gotta love this place!

[url=]Barrater is my life[/url]

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