Thursday, October 21, 2010

Free Dove items, SS only - Bunny and Flowers

Hi everyone [:
Just posting some freebies :D
Today is Thursday, which means that
we are getting new and last Dove items from campaign [: 
ONLY this time by mistake stardoll has put items in starplaza not in campaign :D 
It might be glitch, so get them while you can without a proxy -

Free Orange Dove-Go-Fresh Backpack, T-shirt and bottles
1)To get them - Click HERE 
2)Buy items you want for 0sd 
Items will be in your suite [: 
BTW you can buy more than one :D I mean if you re-visit the link each time buying you can get like 10 of these :D
Also there are some freebies for superstars from contests
in Poland and Greece -
A Free Purple Bunny (from last LPS shop) 
and a Flower (it was available as gift some time ago)
So if you are a Superstar and willing to get them - here is how -

I just found a way to get this cute bunny for non-ss too :]
For Free Purple LPS Bunny
If you are from Germany, Go and Enter a stardoll contest HERE 
If you are Superstar and from Poland, Go and Enter a stardoll superstar only contest HERE
►If you aren't from Germany or Superstar from Poland, Follow these steps:
1)Go to German proxy like OR R OR
2)In blank box Paste stardoll link:
3)Click Browse OR Go
4)Log in stardoll
5)Now on the proxies Address/URL box paste contest link:
6)Click Go, Wait a little till page loads
7)Leave proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Bunny should be in a giftbox in your suite [:
Available till 25.10

For Free Blue Flowers
►If you are from Greece, Go and Enter stardoll contest HERE
►If you aren't from Greece, Follow these steps:
1)Go to this Greek web proxy (it's slow but it works):
2)In the blank box of proxy site Paste stardoll link:
3)Click Begin Browsing OR just Hit Enter on keyboard
4)Log in stardoll
5)Now on Location via proxy Paste the contest link:
6)Click Go, Wait till contest page loads
7)Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Flowers should be in a giftbox in your suite
Available till 30.10
Will you be getting any?
Shouldn't all contests and freebies available for all? :S


Anonymous said...

Super, thanks Ruth! (:

Shmiv97 said...

Thanks (:
And yeah, I think they should be free for Superstars and Non-Superstars, and in every country :L

Allaiyah said...

The Dove thing doesn't seem to be working; just leads me to a blank white page. I even checked my room.

This whole "exclusive to a certain country" thing is as annoying as a video game that is only released for one console instead of being cross-platform. & Superstars already get 90% of the stuff we can't touch, the shouldn't get any exclusive freebies. At least iDressup gives you a free premium membership for just installing a toolbar.

Varinder ||♥|| Vpurple said...

yay, thanks ruth(:

Romana/Romana.Dawn said...

I like some of them!

Allaiyah said...

My bad, I just had to dump my temporary internet files.

There are free toothbrushes available now. You make your own patters & there doesn't seem to be a limit.

Winniegirl123 ♥ said...

I got the bunny and the dove items though the greek proxy doesn't work for me :(

♥♥ said...

but i won't get the items

anaKonda said...

Yes, got all.
Thx for the tip :)

Rayko said...

I already have the buuny and flower.:( But thx for letting me know about the Dove stuff.:]

Pink_Lover786 said...

Thanks Soo Much!!:D
I love the LPS Thing

misz_paparazzi said...

Thanks ;D

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Thanks! I bought that LPS bunny when it was for sale :/

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

Thanks :P

Princess__17 said...

I already have the flowers! But not the rabbit and Dove items! Thanks for telling us!

iswim19 said...

Pretty adorable! I love the Dove things, for some girls (and boys) it's ABOUT TIME for them to learn what deodorant and antipresporant is.

Sierra Lang

phoebe/lemy100 said...

thanks ruth! :)
i love the bunny!

Foxy_Roxie said...

I LOVE the deodorant for my bathroom(:
I also have the green deodorant in real, haha o.O

Dloo3t almama said...

thanks Ruth .. you are the best =)

QT_Yaz said...

the bunnys relly CAUTE!!!

FlirtyLady44 said...

thanx. but i will pass

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