Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Free LPS Puppy

Hi again [:
As we all know Tuesdays are Littlest pet Shop campaign days when new pets usually arrive, today it is this cute Puppy for free [:
To get it:
►If you are from Sweden - Simply visit the Campaign Page by clicking HERE
►If you aren't from Sweden - Follow these steps:
 1)Go to one of these Swedish proxies
2)In the blank box Copy and Paste campaign link:
3)Click GO or Hit Enter on keyboard
4)Login to stardoll, wait till campaign loads
5)That's it, Leave proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Puppy should be in a LPS bag in your suite [:
Available till 02.11

Do you like the puppy?
Will you be getting it? 


Varinder ||♥|| Vpurple said...

yay, thanks ruth(:

Kim/PopStarKizzle♥ said...

Its adorable. Thanks. ;3♥

Catriona ♥ Winniegirl123 said...

It's so cute ☺

phoebe/lemy100 said...

thanks :)
don't use facebooksurfing.info it has a virus.

fashiongirl963 said...

it is soooooooo cute :) :)

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Aww, so cute!
Thanks Ruth ;]

Julie_Ch said...


Rayko said...

Yay thx!^^ I'm getting it right now. xD

♥club.pink/Flavia♥ said...

Is so cute.

vivienpax said...

i wish i cud get bet the internet im using won't let me use the proxy cud sum one help

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

It's very cute :D Thanks,but I'm too lazy to get it :P

misz_paparazzi said...

Thanks ;D

QT_Yaz said...

i got 2!

Maggie / BeautyBxxtch said...

Thank you for the tip but I don't like the LPS stuff so I won't be getting it, although it is quite cute :]

Shmiv97 said...

Cute (: Thanks for the tip.

Princess__17 said...

I don't like this LPS stuff, but I got it! Thanks for telling us, Ruth!

Anonymous said...

It's really cute. Plus it comes with 2 more pets! THANKS SO FREAKIN' MUCH!

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