Saturday, January 30, 2010

More information on The Awards

Haus of Sin has posted some new information about week 1 of The Awards. They have also listed the sponsors, judges and categories. See below.

The official sponsors or 'The Awards' are; Haus of Sin and The Star Dose.
The official jury for 'The Awards' consists of; Nojarama, Tcholas93, .Marcela.., PerezStarGossip and Guaggi.
The title for week one of the awards is 'The Glossies'.

And here are the categories;
'Best Magazine'
'Best Creative Director'
'Best Stylist'
'Best Writer'
'Most Memorable Editorial'
'Most Memorable Article'
'Breakthrough Magazine'
'Worst Magazine'
'Most UN-stylish Styling'
'Most Boring Article'
'Most Talked About Magazine'
'Dream Team '
'Nightmare Team'
'Critics Magazine Choice'


No-one in particular said...

I like of the orignal catagories like: Most memorable article, or Most UN-Stylish Styling but the rest are just the same as any other awards [Best Mag, Best Writer etc.]

Eva said...

Well, I don't really know... Those awards aren't like something unique huh. :D Time will show.


thanu said...

a lot of categories.......
@ vpurple^

Chicago3 said...

Sounds interesting, but there are so many award shows on Stardoll, so Idon't know if this will be any different

BrunoExclusive said...

I wasn't expecting this so It's fab

bogini10 said...

Yeah I also think the categories are not so unique,but theres lots of them so ..:D

Passion said...

Actually, those categories are something never seen before. It's peculiar to say that they're not unique. There are a few award shows, but there are millions of members on Stardoll.

Shayan. said...

You know all this elite shxxt sucks.
They don't look at un elite people, like me !
These awards are cheap gimicks to gain fame

Anonymous said...

I really hate these things that make some of us seem best and anothers worses. I really sucks.
Example, the judge.
Some of them are elite.
I'm not jealous, i just...

Anonymous said...

Actually I agree with Anonymous,
that's totally right o.O

anyways, I'll be waiting for the results still (:

nicole24-7 said...

The winners are always some well known person which kind of sucks :/
But Anyways, I like how these categories are something different :)

Maria said...

Im anxious to see who is worst mag since i think almost all of the magazines on here are crazy good!!haha

Cherri Blossom said...

i love the new original catergories really should be very interisting!:)

ADJAJA/Anna said...

I agree with anonymous too.

Mihaela said...

Again another awards..

Eva said...

@bogini10 I didn't say that the categories aren't unique, I wanted to tell that there is so many award shows nowadays on Stardoll, that it's nothing like 'wow' anymore... As it used to be in the past :)

Rab92 said...

Interesting, It Will Be Good To See Who Wins What!


cookie9988 said...

The categories are interesting.. but none of them really take my interest...

RihannyX said...

Cool, but i don't understand the ''week 1'' thing...
So the awards are going to be every week??
Anyway, i can't wait, but there is So much categories!

Unknown said...

These categories are actually original, i haven't seen anyone celebrate the people behind the scenes of magazine before.
People are saying that stuff like 'best Writer' have already been done.
Where exactly? because i scarcely remember such a thing.
Also these awards ARE different.
No not all the 'Elite' people will be winning, there is a limit on a category, people are labelled 'Elite' because they have done something for the community that is Stardoll..and these reawards celebrate their achievements, you want to win an award?
Make a super hit blog or magazine, and the public will be nominating you.
Remember YOU, the SD Public decided.
Not me.

Passion said...

I completely agree with Chace. Nominating ''elites'' is self-inflected. It's peculiar to blame it all on the person hosting the awards.

Caroline said...

'Most Un-Stylish Styling' is my favourite. I can't wait to see the nominies and winners :)

Caroline [crazycaz07]

Melissakuh said...

I think there are quite original categories in this list. And if this is only week one, there will be a lot of categories.
There might already be a lot of award shows on Stardoll, but I think this has an extra edge and is more original. So it's really something to look forward to it!

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