Friday, January 22, 2010

Free Bag!

First of all I am so so so so so so so sorry for my lack of posts. I have been quite busy for the past few days and Jenna is again MIA (she was seen 1 week ago?).
There is a competition in Spain where you can get a free bag if you participate. If you are from Spain, click HERE to enter.

If you are not from Spain:

Go to
Paste this link into the blank box:

Click go, log in....Erase the previous link from the address bar of the proxy site and paste this:

Click on go, wait for a while, then log into the usual Stardoll, and it'll be in your suite.


Braňo said...

Thank amazing, I have in my purse Suite!


Pandora J ♥ said...

Thanks! It's actually cute ^.^


Anonymous said...


xoxo ayuNwa14

Tinkerbells -- Ada said...

Cool, finally some contest and free stuff for Spain!!! :D :D (stardoll always forget us :P)

No-one in particular said...

Thankyou so much! :D

Mihaela said...


bogini10 said...

thanks soo much !
i love that bag < 33

Melissakuh said...

I bought that purse such a long time ago.
But thanks anyway!

nicole24-7 said...

thanks I got it :)

Cathérine Cerise said...

Cool freebie!
There is also a free scarf from Kohl's(Cabdie's). It is pink and quite good looking. You can read how you get it at
It would be too long if I would write it here =D

ADJAJA/Anna said...

Mkay thanks.

Ruth said...

Thanks [:

Btw here isn't posted about free old kohls pink scarf [:
There is info in UnderneathSD to get it:


MissCunha said...

Wow, thank you so much! :)
I like that bag and dress but I really don't enjoy proxies. I may not use the proxy this time for those stuff.
I just use proxies when I really like them! :)

MissCunha x

Isa said...

That's awesome!
I've got the purse :)

Janetxo said...

Yay i love the purse, thanks! :)

little.miss.28 said...

I love this bag, but i dont use many proxies or manual proxies coz i find it hard to trust them

xx little.miss.28

Chicago3 said...

I would do this, but I never feel safe using proxies and those kind of things, but it was very nice of you to post this :)

Fashion.Forward said...

thanks or have i already said that?

Princesskeyera/Keyera said...

Its cute and free! YAY! LOL

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