Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Cute Gothic Styled Outfits

Hey dolls! As I logged into Stardoll today, I didn't expect anything new, just a normal thursday but as soon as I went to the starplaza I was so surprised to see new items had been released in the 'Fallen Angel' store, and I don't usually like the store since I wear all light colours but this one blew me away! Now now, I know you're all very aware because of the last post by our lovely writer LadyAnne Lena, so this is going to be a STYLING post! I will show you different styles, and which items look good together! Please remember that these are just my opinions however, and you can style these clothes any way your heart desires.

Classic Goth

I consider this to be a classic old school goth look, with it's long flowing skirt, hardcore studded shoes, caped turtleneck which I layered a sheer shirt printed with a melancholic Edgar Allen Poe face over to complete this all black look! This may be a little TOO gothic for some people if you're not usually one to go for such a vampish look, but I think it's so effortlessly cool looking I had to include it!

Pieces featured: 
Caped spike dress: 17 sds.
Poe print blouse: 13 sds.
Dark romance skirt: 14 sds.
Spiked wedge platforms: 12 sds.
Dior inspired belt: 6 sds.
Cathedral tights: 10 sds.

Girly Goth

This look is perfect for all you casual dolls who like simple outfits but still want to pack a dark punch! I love the contrast between girly and edgy, which is why I layered the butterfly print top with the bow blouse, but then used the stitched trousers and again the spike heels for some feminine attitude. You can also add the McQueen print blazer for a more professional look, however that is not pictured!

Pieces featured:
Gothic print tank: 12 sds.
Ghostly blouse: 12 sds.
Lace up pleather pants: 16 sds.
Spiked platform wedges: 12 sds.

Glam Party Goth

So this is DEFINITELY my favourite look of the whole series as it features some beautifully individual pieces! I layered the band dress which has the cutest slight ruffle with the strappy open top for a long sleeved dress effect, I then added my favourite item of the whole collection - the sparkly cob web overdress! Layer that with the long buckle belt and you have a glamorously alternative party look. To add even more to the outfit we have these amazing heels with a red heel and major ribbon straps creating oversized bows making them a stand out item.

Pieces used: 
Leather strap dress: 17sds.
Corsetted top: 15 sds.
Dewy web dress: 16 sds.
Dior inspired belt: 6 sds.
Goth couture heels: 14 sds.

Fantasy Goth

Isn't this outfit so fantastical?! It reminds me of a woodland princess who looks over nature and all of the forest animals, hence the raven on her shoulder. I layered the long ruffly bird print skirt under the tree branch dress as it adds a more flowing full look. I finished the outfit with the buckle belt and ribbon strap heels.

Pieces used: 
Ghostly tree dress: 29 sds.
Beautiful nightmare skirt: 20 sds.
Goth couture heels: 15 sds.
Dior inspired belt: 6sds.

So tell me, will you be styling your doll with any of these items, what did you think of the way I styled them? If you use any of the items from the new Fallen Angel collection put your username and picture down below, as everyone - yes, EVERYONE who creates an outfit with these items will be featured on this very post - entries end at 11pm GMT/ 7pm EST. (so approx 4 and a half hours from now, I will put all outfits up at the end of the time allotted, so be quick!)

EDIT: Just realised the caped spike dress is not part of the new collection, my bad! 

Until next time, Nimka! <3

EDIT: Wow, you all went above and beyond for these outfits every single one of them is so individual, it just goes to show how great a collection this is, and how creative you all are! Here are the entries:


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