Sunday, June 2, 2019


Hi dollies, How are you?

For this new chapter I bring you a brief summary of what was happening in what makes to fashion releases in the last days of May in Stardoll.
Have to sat that this last week that happened, for me was a bit boring because we haven't had fashion collections for some time now...


The truth is that this time I expected a little more from Subcouture, which is usually one of my favorite stores in the game and I liked previous collections lots. Everything here was based on the past event well known to all, Coachella, but it took some time, I don't see the grace of making a collection based on something that happened a while ago but anyways...
I like the style in general because it usually mixes with the "cowboy" that is now very on trend and also I want to highlight that some outfits were based on some celebrities or "famous" people because it's something that I like very much mostly.
Coachella is also an event considered to be of interest for fashion trends, so it's always interesting right, to know who is attending and what that person is wearing.

In my case I respect the event proposed by Stardoll and only design some outfits that although they vary between for day or night, more striking or quieter, more cowgirl or less are all outfits that could perfectly serve to attend Coachella so I hope you like them.
(One of them it's inspired by Taylor Swift street style 2019).


Trails is a store with a very strong style as indicated by its title, therefore it doesn't resist so much analysis as everything is well explained, so I only dedicate myself to make some outfits that represent "Trails" as a kind of "fashion explorer" or to make some safari out there and this is what resulted:
-The colors that I used most here were: cargo green, yellow for details, beige and some brown.


Nelly, as many of you know well, is already one of my favorite stores in the game so every chance we have of a new collection is super welcome for me xd xd. I like that it's an accessible store in real life and that its style varies as much as it happens to all of us in real life, it's something that any of us can use in our day to day and this is the main reason why I like Nelly lots.

My outfits in this case were a mix of styles, where I did something more in all browns on the one hand, a lot of white on the other and also the striking represented by the use of yellow, they're rather outfits for a walk in the afternoon or to spend the day in sunlight or on the coast. Hope you like it.


By a way of concluding our chapter here I leave you what I did with some May Hot Buys that were based on Burberry, the main brand that inspired these ones, although they weren't my favorites, the style to go out at the afternoon for example in a little sophisticated way here I liked a lot and it's also something that isn't very common to see on my doll.

See you next chapter dollies, hope you like this one and I want to wish you all have an amazing JUNE month!!

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