Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Happy Birthday bella98twlight!

Our Birthday Girl is a Pharmacy student.  She is a very smart young lady, if you can remember all those formulas, you have to be a genius!  Good for her.  She likes Rock, see I said she was smart, and is a great decorator and stylist.  Below are posted some of her rooms which seem to be Minimalist in nature.  Which is fabulous and wish my house was that style.  I dressed bella in a couple of outfits for the different rooms because you can't be caught wearing the same dress in all the photos!  Thanks for leaving your closet open, Sugar!  Enlarged so you can see all the details.

Also she has a lovely album. Here is a page from it...

So everyone please give bella98twlight a nice B-Day post and maybe stop by her suite to leave some good wishes. A gift would be very thoughtful but not mandatory.       -Aonuk♥


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