Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Hi everyone! Today I'd love to show you some outfits in April's hottest style aka festival/Coachella style.
What store do you think about first when looking for festival-inspired fashion? I bet most of you go to Trails. But there are so many other options! Here are some looks that I managed to create in Plaza and from what I had in my closet (note: I'm not a boho lover).

TREND: lace-up items & cowboy style. The look below was not inspired by the Kendall Jenner photo on top, as many might think. It was actually built around that fancy lace-up top from the most recent Fallen Angel release! I added flared pants from the same floor and completed the look with a lot of accessories. And, of course, what Coachella would be it without straw hats?

TREND: highlighter hair (as shown by Kylie Jenner). Here the hair colour was basically the centerpiece! So I've chosen a white bustier, denim belted shorts and a black kimono. Just look at that glitter overload under my doll's eyes! :)
TREND: punk gone wild. And by wild I mean a mixture of punk, boho and maybe some grunge. Remember that "inspired by 90s grunge" LE collection we once had? Well, that freebie dress finally has some connection with grunge, lol. Here I used it as a skirt with a ripped tee worn over. Pink heavy boots to add that subtle punk vibe. Sid Vicious would not approve of that.
TREND: all sheer everything. This time I decided to create a couple of looks. For the day look the only sheer item I wanted was that Полина crop top I once stardesigned. And as Coachella welcomes every kind of body exposure, I decided to pair it with a Vaccarello skirt! Denim and cowboy boots are here to bring some country vibe.
For the evening look (and there are some glam parties held during festivals) I added a plastic skirt over and replaced boots with platforms. Even more bling and voila! Who can ever say you put minimum effort into that look?
Of course, that's a rookie version of what festival fashion on Stardoll can look like (and Trails turned out inevitable). As I said above, I'm not a boho person. So if you want to share your vision of Coachella style on your doll - don't hesitate, post a pic in comments!

P.S.: Rih has a trend to set, too:

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