Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Callie's Picks - French Girls Release Review

Hello dolls! This is my first official CP Review post on this blog. Yay! 

Stardoll HQ didn't risked anything new and went again with the Parisian theme. Not that I mind; it's one of my favourites. An overwhelming amount of Dior and Chanel will surely reminds us of big french designer houses... and not to buy their overpriced real brand in bazaar. 
I love all the SC item shoes: i'm a big fan of flats in real life: i actually own more oxfords and ballet flats than high heels. And the socks! I love the socks too. I'm from Eastern Europe so i can recall the phenomenon of socks and sandals all too clearly, but if you are lucky you can avoid looking like my grandma in the garden wearing them. :))

Do it like Blair Waldorf - Item: Big Bow Blouse

Remember that iconic scene in Gossip Girl where Blair Waldorf takes over Paris, eats macaroons by the foot of the Eiffel tower and looks like she was just born and bred by the Seine instead of Manhattan? Well this look will give you that feeling. Items used: IT Girls Daisy Hat, Voile Cabriole Ballet Dress, Gucci Crystal Sunglasses, PPQ Lips Clutch, Valentino Mary Jane Stilettos 
Price range: $

I'm gonna swing from the chandelier - Items: Riding Black Pants and Dior Mint Couture Heels
You just cant go wrong with a nice elegant pair of black trousers. And it's Paris: too much is never enough. Take a bold look and make it bolder: it's a win-win. Items used: Voile Sea Creature Brooch, CP Blouse inspired by Stella McCartney, LE Wide Silk Belt(as scarf), Dolce and Gabbana Golden Chandelier Clutch, Pals Camilla Hanging Jacket 
Price range: $$

Bagel means bagel and business means business - Item: Classic Dior Rose Jacket

You just can't wear enough Dior. If i'm finally going to have my own office, i'm making looks like this office casual for sure. Items used: Hot Buys Sunnies, Melbourne Minimalism Sleveless Scuba Top, LE Nude Tulle Top, Pretty'n Love Wide Leg White Pants, Royalty Champagne London Clutch,  Fendi Ruffled Bracelet, YH Ciara White Sandals
Price range: $$$

How did you liked this release? Was my review helpful? What are your must haves? Style your doll with your faves and win another favourite as a gift!  
With love, Agnes

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