Sunday, April 30, 2017


Four lucky dolls won a prize for posting a photo of their or wish was their's pet. Did everyone enjoy seeing all those adorable pets? I sure did and to hear a story about them was like letting us in on a little piece of our members life. The winners were chosen by Random Name Picker. I am not sophisticated enough to post the names on a beautiful plaque but here they are.

Please place a item from the Furry Friends Store on your wishlist and post here when you are done. You all have two days to claim. Again, do not be concerned if you do not see your name on the list as the whole list is not showing in the photo. Thanks to every one that entered.

Also, a Big Thank You to everyone who has been helping with the Blog. We really appreciate what all have been doing to keep it going. Not just the other moderators but the nice members who have been helping each other out with this crazy mixed up place! 😘


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