Friday, April 21, 2017



Our other Birthday Girl is a 10 year member of Stardoll! Incredible! Do you know many of those dolls? That is quite an accomplishment.  Paraaa, as she is known on here also reads, glad to hear that, likes Dance music and want to go into Medicine. She should talk to Jenna about that career! 

PARA, as I will call her also collects WILD CANDY COUTURE. Found this room with a fantastic selection of dresses.  Since her closet was locked I was able to dress her in one of these beauties. See you don't have to spend Stardollars to get nice pieces. Also COVERGIRL twice.

Join me in wishing Paradise_134 a very Happy Birthday! If you would like to visit her suite and leave a B-Day post that would be fantastic. Maybe even a small gift. Nice but not mandatory.    

Still having trouble with photos.  Aonuk♥


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