Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pêt-à-porter in Spoilers

New  Pêt-à-porter spoiler on Stardolls Instagram. Thanks JosephinaA. 

I am not really familiar with this store on Stardoll, but it looks like it was here in 2011 - 2012. 
I see clothes stores for it and Pets that grow when I search. I'm a bit confused lol.

Please feel free to share its history in comments.

I assume it will arrive tomorrow.

Are you excited for it?



dodomatrix said...

i wish 2 have some coins items

Agnes Agi Fischer said...

I don´t need it now...

BritneySpice/Olivia said...

I don't really like pet a porter, but I will see...

mailgirl101 said...

I am not a huge pet fan, neither in real life neither on stardoll, but if there will be something I'll like, I'll buy it but I am not too excited.

Anonymous said...

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