Sunday, July 6, 2014


Poll is open until July 9, 2014.
(Vote for your top 3 choices)

~Please no asking for votes or cheating. Polls are for blog/club members only.



popmaker/Kavina said...

Good Luck!

ilgd said...

Voted my top three! Good luck :)
After seeing all these outfits I changed my mind for the vest. I think I like it now !

dodomatrix said...

i wish 2 win ♥_♥

Regina226 said...

nice outfits, good luck to all! :)

LadyAnneLena said...

Voted. It's super amazing that we can vote for three outfits now. I usually have more than one favorite.

roscoerose said...

good luck everyone!

chicparislove said...

voted for Val, outfit, and Oayes *-* and I'm definitely buying this vest now! xx

mailgirl101 said...

Cheeky-Abz's outfit just stole my vote, my heart and my soul. Good luck to everyone else, though!

bella98twilight said...

Voted my favorites! may the best wins!

vαleriα // rαdicαllyvαl ← sd❤ said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

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