Monday, July 7, 2014

2014 Fall Couture

Hi everyone, my name is Emma and I'm a new writer for Stardoll's Most Wanted. You may already have noticed my account name and photo (with the fancy white hair) in the writers section, where it has been for a very long time now. I'm afraid I was delayed due to exams and work, but I'm ready to start writing now. You may know me from my work as the co-editor-in-chief of Fierce Magazine and, if you're a true Stardoll veteran, for the Stardoll Fashion Forward blog. You can also find me writing about Stardoll life on my own blog as well, which can be found on the blog reel here. Maybe you know it, maybe you don't. I apologize if this comes off as a advertisement for my other projects or anything like that, I always find introductions so hard to do. I guess this is also the point where I should warn you that I'm a bit of a talker, I've been blogging and writing on and off for the past 7 years now, so I have a tendency to write fast and write a lot.

Besides the probability for longer posts than the most of them you can find here at Stardoll's Most Wanted, you can expect posts about real life fashion and occasionally suggestions to how you can use real fashion trends in the Stardoll world. I will post about once a week, mainly around the weekend. Lets begin, shall we?

Paris Couture Fall 2014 Fashion Week began yesterday with Atelier Versace. The collection features a lot of dresses with cut-offs and high slits. The collection used a lot of deep purple, along with black and white. In many ways it was kept in touch with what was traditional Versace, with the sexiness, the tightness and cut of the dresses and at the same time a certain kind of toughness. The collection doesn't have that much of a connection the our current collection in Starplaza, since half our Versace is more like a high light of some of the brands biggest hits. 

Christian Dior, which was shown earlier today, also kept in touch with its roots, with dresses that drew focus to the waist. The collection also used a lot of embroidery in dresses (both straight and waist highlighting) and skirt and tops in white and other pastel tones, and big coats with strait pants with dark being the dominant color in form of black, combined with red and navy blue. The lighter outfits and dresses in many ways reminded me of the current collection of Dior that is available in the Starplaza. 

Have you checked out the two collections yet? If so, which one is your favorite?
Would you like more posts about the couture collections?

PS. The banner is probably temporary, it might change over the course of the summer into something much, much better.

PPS. I'm sorry for my formal writing, I promise I'll try to be more chill and low back next time. Unless you like this dry writing style? Let me know what you want. Just in general, feedback is appreciated. 


Juliette116 said...

I'm tring to watch all the shows. I'm not a huge fan of Versace, for me its a little bit kitsh. Raf Simmon's Dior isn't my favorite, but this minimalism looks much better than Versace. My favorite Haute Couture collection was Schiaperelli which was origanal, but so 30's (which i adore). Just want to own some of this pieces.

dodomatrix said...

I like the first collection

Ash/Oayes said...

I think that autumn/winter have the best collections. The Dior Collection is a fresh breath of air. So minimal.

BritneySpice/Olivia said...

I love the Versace collection ! This grown in particular ! *-*

MissLadyAnjah said...

Welcome back Emma, I'll be looking forward to your posts :)
Versace is a love it or hate type of designer; this collection is not my favorite but I do love the blue dress u posted.
Schiaparelli is not my style a G. Valli collection although interesting not my cup o' tea either.
Dior is starting to repeat itself, it can be a good thing for those who like Raf Simons style but I miss the wow factor that Galliano brought to every collection. From Dior, this is my fav dress:

popmaker/Kavina said...

Hi emma!! My favourite collection is Versace with the beautiful dresses :)

Kylie62899 (stardoll username) said...

Hi guys c: I'm new here, I just came from USD, wasn't a fan of it, so I heard from a friend to come here. So I will give this blog a chance. But my name is kylie, I've been on stardoll for 3 and a half years, and yeah c:

vαleriα // rαdicαllyvαl ← sd❤ said...

Excited for your posts, and I really do like your writing style. It shows your effort :)

Modmayhem said...

I love Dior, not a fan of Versace. I honestly have been obsessed with Alex Perry (Australian Designer), so I haven't paid much attention to anything else.
I am totally going to check out these collections. Truthfully, I don't mind your writing style. I think it's engaging without seeming rushed, and overly relaxed.
So excited for your future posts Emma!

Aylar_lia said...

Hi Emma ! I like your writing style:) I love the Versace dress you featured here, its so dramatic ! Both collections were gorgeous though

you.sra612 said...

Am not a fan of Versace and this collection hasn't changed that. I prefer the Dior collection, especially the coats and some of the dresses with embroidery. I also like the make-up and hair of the models, very minimal and natural-looking.

mailgirl101 said...

I've read a few blog posts on your personal blog - the one about your Stardoll life - and I am really looking forward to see more of your posts here!
I really like the new Versace collection.
What I like the most about this Versace collection is that the clothes look artistic with the cut-outs and draperies but they also look really sensual where it's skin-tight and reveals shoulders, thighs, etc.

Jenny-boo/lahurina said...

Welcome back Emma ;)
Lovely post,Versace really did a great job for this colllection!And Dior,well they are always special.
But,I'm in love with Versace more :)

Moxie_Luv said...

I really love the new Versace collection. I wish Stardoll had released a virtual version of that! It's great to see a new writer on SMW with a refreshing new voice.

pinkie136 said...

I love the Dior collection, I love the one in star plaza as well but it isn't as breathtaking as the real life version! As for Versace, I'm not as blown away by it but I do think it is still really nice :)

JanaStarlite said...

Emma, I am so glad to see you here at SMW! I think your writing style is spot on. It's engaging and informative. Versace is my favorite of all. The Dior is more understated and safe. Can't wait to see your next post!!

JanaStarlite said...

I love this gown!! And the shoes, too. Where does one find the pictures from the show?

Agnes Agi Fischer said...

hello Emma, I a veteran too but I don´t remember a doll called emma?? is this your stardoll name too??

Rafi101 said...

The Versace collection is FABULOUS!

Emma said...

Hi, my account is mysecketlover on Stardoll. It's written in small white letters over my medoll on the banner. I purposely made it subtle, as I feel it's a bit more personal and nicer for people to associate me with my first name instead of my account :)

Emma said... is my personal go-to site for fashion shows, they update quite quickly and the quality is great. I'm sure there's more than that one, Elle probably has one ( is apart of Condé Nast, like Vogue).

prettyamy04 said...

the versace collection is perfect :)

Carla Dunne said...

Hello @Emma ,
I loved reading your post + the little ramble at the start!
I love your style of writing too
I am really looking forward to more of your posts!

The Versace collection is absolutely stunning, your description was spot on!
The slits give a very dramatic look to the dress!

The Dior collection is again stunning but much more toned down.

That said I love both collections!

Agnes Agi Fischer said...

thanks so much !! I just saw it....after you told me where I have to look..

BritneySpice/Olivia said...

Me too :)

Anonymous said...

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