Friday, July 18, 2014

Stardoll Contest - B Robin

There's a new contest in connection with a new swedish singer called B Robin, click HERE to view the campaign. Thanks to Lily-Ariana for the answers. .

All you have to do is watch his 2 videos and answer the questions below. If you get them right, you'll receive an awesome retro microphone in your suite (how perfect for my music studio!) 10 lucky dollies might also receive a pair of earphones by Jays.

I think Robin is quite good, I like simple acoustic songs like these :)

For the lazy ones: the right answers are 9 and Heidi Klum :D


Rosie/Rose_Jean said...

He's... actually alright. I mean, he's not a bad singer, the first song was actually pretty good.
Here's the answers anyway, although I do suggest actually watching the videos.

dodomatrix said...

Thank u

cheeky-abz said...

I could do with a pair of headphones lol

Sapphire.Corele said...

I love his voice! :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you stardoll for introducing me to this person. I love his voice! Its really nice. And I really like the retro microphone c:

Vαleriα // RαdicαllyVαl ← sd❤ said...

Thanks for the answers xD

MissLadyAnjah said...

He's ok, nothing new but I wish him good luck.
Very nice baby blues ;p

popmaker/Kavina said...

That microphone will go into my storage!

Kat • Corse4 said...


Kat • Corse4 said...

He seems to be ok, love his voice, might consider looking forward to him.
Sadly, I am not lucky enough to win lol. xD
But the microphone... It has "STORAGE" written on it.

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