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Fall Couture + Alexander Wang

Hi everyone! Before I get started, I just want to thank you for all the nice comments and feedback that I've gotten for my first post here at Stardoll's Most Wanted. I've read every comment and I want you to know that I take what you say into consideration, and that I'm always open to feedback or suggestions. What you say in the comments is an important part of what direction the next post will take. So with that in mind, I've decided to continue the couture theme with high lighting another two collections for you. After seeing your debate in the comments I thought it might be fun to have a PS section in the end where I try to answer my own questions from the previous post. Every writer knows that it's a lot easier to ask questions than to answer them, so maybe I'll hate this idea later, but I thought it would be a fun way for you to get to know me a bit better, as I try to be a bit more neutral in my post and also just to break down the barrier between reader and writer, which I think is very important. With that in mind, I hope that this section will not be read as the correct answer to a question that will often be subjective. As it is with subjective questions, they have no correct answer, so what I say, will have as much value and importance as your opinions posted in the comments section.

Ok, so. This post is going to be a bit long, I can see that already, but hopefully you'll stay with me. Since I only have time for one post a week, these posts will probably always be a bit long, as I have the entire week to mentally plan and gather inspiration for them. I'll like to start with a walkthrough of two collections from Paris fall couture, as I did in my last post.

Valentino has for the past couple of years been inspired by the fashion of ages like the renaissance. Their clothes has had an almost medieval feel, and this spirit was very much continued in this collection. But this time Valentino chose to play a bit more with the cuts of the dresses and to add a more potent feel of the modern. This evolution was shown not only the difference in cuts and mixture of dresses, but Valentino also strayed from its traditional color choice of black, white and red. White and black was still the most prominent colors in the collection, but instead of red the collection featured different hues of green and blue. The collection also used lighter fabrics than it previously has, and patterns and embroidery was a bigger part of the collection. 

Maison Martin Margiela's collection was indeed very much in tune with it's DNA. The brand can be described as quirky and draws a big part of its inspiration in the 60's fashion. The couture collection featured a lot of patchwork dresses and a general mixture of colors, patterns and prints. The collection was a smaller one compared to others. The collection was interesting due to its evolution, meaning that the collections starts out in simple pattern outfits that evolves and grows into an abundance of different elements, even covering the models faces. The brand is mainly known for it's collaboration with H&M, but I chose to show this collection instead of showing Chanel or Armani Privé, simply to be a bit rebellious and to show you a collection you might not have seen, as people tend to see the bigger collections and brands such as Chanel first. 

Speaking of H&M collaborations, Alexander Wang published his first preview for his own collection for the big fashion mogul this past week. As one can aspect from a teaser, all the pictures published was purposely vague, as the one shown below, which is probably a keychain. What we can take from the picture is that the collection will feature an influence from the sport world, which is a very typical place of inspiration for Alexander Wang. 

Which collection of the two above do you like the most? And now that the couture week is over, do you have a favorite? And finally, what do you think of H&M's designer collaborations and the pictures we've seen from Alexander Wang x H&M so far? 
Also, let me know what you think of the PS section below. 

PS. One commenter described Versace as a love or hate relationship, which I very much agree with. Personally I'm afraid to say that I have never been a fan of Versace. I'm much more of a simpler dresser, and Versace has a certain toughness and sexier that, whilst I admire any girl who call pull of Versace, is not something I would feel represented me as a person. While I can appreciate the dresses and their power, I will honestly say that I doubt that I will ever grow to really like Versace. I chose to put Dior up against Versace, because I see them as opposite and my opinion of Dior is also opposite as to how I feel about Versace. I liked Dior before Raf Simons, I love Dior after Raf Simons. Some may call it boring and safer fashion, but I'm a sucker for simplicity in cuts, colors and dresses. Dior is really my favorite brand right now. 


dodomatrix said...

I like the first collection it is very simple & chic
according to the picture of alexander wang..i thing it is like boxing gloves..i really can not imagine the new collecion will be...

vαleriα // rαdicαllyvαl ← sd❤ said...

Loved this post!!

katyperrycupcak said...

I personally dislike the whole big brand/ designer collections completely. Sometimes they can be amazing but mostly they just aren't made to be used. I'd much prefer to go by sight, tahn by brand, what looks good and Is wearable. When it comes down to it, I'd rather get an incredibly gorgeous and versatile jacket from a brandless store than a practically unweareable item from any designer. I like to wear, not stare, when it comes to buying clothes. It simply makes so much more sense!

Jenny-boo/lahurina said...

Valentino definently made this collection a hit,it's classy,elegant and just fabulos!!!
And personaly,I like it better than Maison Martin Margiela's one.It is too tribal printed for me.
And about your P.S. section,I totaly agree but I kind of like to combine these 2 brands,Versace and Dior,
because Dior is so gentle and sweet and Versace is wild and cool.

Rosie/Rose_Jean said...

None of these designers impress me anymore. It's neither art nor fashion anymore, it's just... bleurgh. Maybe that's just me though, I'm not on for fashion.

you.sra612 said...

I prefer the Valentino collection this time especially the simple, flowing forms and those gladiator sandals.

mirdith said...

I'm not very fan of the haute couture, but I do love the pret a porter.
Anyway, if I had to chose between this two... idk I guess i will chose Maison Martin Margiela. I know you would not wear that to the street, but neither you would wear the Valentino gown so... I think Martin Margiela does a more creative job. Valentino is usual more of the same. Marin innovates every time with strange but sometimes funny and very creative clothes.

I'm looking forward to Alexander Wang for H&M!! I have never bouhg anything of the previous collections for H&M, mostly because it was expensive and I had no interest on the designer or I was out of this fashion world to know what was going on, but oh come on! Alexander Wang!!!!! Since I'm aware of fashion shows, he's always on my favorites, so..... i hope i can put my hands in some pieces, even if it's just this key holder!!

Anonymous said...

I love your posts ^-^

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