Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Internet Safety

I am sorry this is not very relative, but certain events that have happened these past days need to be unmasked. Many Stardoll members have Skype, MSN, or another site which they go on to talk to Stardoll friends. It is here that links have been sent to others that when clicked on lead to a virus. The scary this is, this can also happen on Stardoll(if you go to the page of the link someone sent). The specifics, from what I have been told, is that one clicks the link or opens a window with the link, a virus will occur, and the virus sends messages out to others. This actually happened to me this morning, but I thought the link looked weird, and I also knew about the whole situation. So here are some tips to keep in mind when online:
  • Do not open links, files, or go to any site that a person you do not know sends you.
  • Do not open any links that have two http, or are unfamiliar
  • Do not open any links that have words before the main site(example: star.stardoll)
  • Ask friends why they sent the link
  • Do not open links from someone that appears to be offline
  • Do not open links from a person who sends you the link first, instead of saying hi or talking to you
  • Open a link only when you know you are 100% sure that it is safe!!!

Any other tips?



Chipmunkey123 said...

I have that virus :'(
Does anyone know how to get rid of it? :(

filipinhamaria said...

Great post Brooke, everyone should know about this, thanks 4 tell.

Stardoll Gossip Guy said...

Excellent Post,
I Don't think Everyone knows how serious this is.

Nadia/thegorgusgirl said...

really like this post,
people need to be aware of how dangerous it is.

Rab92 said...

Great Post, I Always Like A Little Help.
I Have A Virus Thing, But I`m Not Sure How To Get Rid Of It.


Gabby1822 said...

Wait,what link exactly? I'm not sure..

Chicago3 said...

@Gabby1822-Many links. Most have 2 http's or include a popular site name ,but have other words attached.

Leia1810 said...

If you already got the virus I suggest you run a full computer scan with your antivirus program and terminate it but if you don't have one you can download some free antivirus programs easily(:

Leia1810 said...

I get a lot of links on MSN. If you do too here is how you will recgonize them:
People who sent you link are usually offline ( it also means that their computer is infested), there is a message too not just the link
(mostly something like Did you see this? You have to check it! or Hey I saw your pic online. check it out!)

Be careful!

Dimitsuri/Katerina said...

The onliest thing to get rid from virus is 2 install antivirus programm and everyday update ur antivirus bases and if even after that the virus still on ur pc then u should reinstall ur OS.

Houpisonfire said...

Ehh my pc just got cleaned.
I hope I wont get this virus :S

Maddy/maddy65 said...

Thanks for letting us know!(:

KUTE_FATI said...

Great Post!
that happened to me it was horrible :(

Katsumy said...

Use avg antivirus.
I scanned my computer with:
Malwares antimawalre,
Hijack this,
Superantispyware (Use this!)
and adware..

You should use these.

~~~** If you dont want viruses and many other
cookies, etc, Scan your computer regullary!**~~~

Dloo3t_almama said...

thnx for the tips :)

Dei said...

Smart post, people are gullible around Stardoll sometimes and need the advice.

kashka_luv said...

Good Post! People need to be made aware of problems such as viruses :)

Anonymous said...


There's these things called anti-virus.

A great one is Norton. Buy it.

nicole24-7 said...

I don't talk to people from stardoll on any other site than stardoll most times :p
But I can see why this is something to be concerned about.

Thanks for keeping us informed!! :)

Chicago3 said...

@Nadine-Yes, I have Norton and it is great. Once, I switched software and I got a virus from something like this (Stardoll :( ) Now with Norton, you can get quick scans and it detects viruses!

Wenq502 said...

good tips!

Anonymous said...

fuck off with norton, it messed up my computer -_-
I use mse and it's pretty good :P

I clicked on such a link once like a half year ago, but it asked me to save a file so i canceled, closed the window and the virus didnt extract :)
I made some scans after all, everything clear ;)

misscaitlin9999 said...

dont make friends with people who are known/assumed hackers or dodgy people!

PapaPaparazzi/Bart said...

Thank you, this is an excellent wake-up call. And o yeah, I have a tip too, mostly for msn, if the conversation immediatly starts with the person that sends you the link and if it's not a very personal message (like hey friend instead of your name) never open it.

joanne1305 said...

thanks for the post..
in facebook there are a lot of virus.
do not click on links that looks suspicious...
i use AVG and i scan regularly

Katsumy said...

@ Joanne1305

And sometimes, you should use superantispyware,because I scanned AVG, Malwarebytes and Super antispyware - Avg catches just viruses and moves them to the virus vault,but when I used other programs, it may catch tracking cookies,that can make an easy step towards viruses..

RihannyX said...

I once clicked on one link, and if you signed in ''you get 100sd''. Of course it was a virus, but i thought nothing can happen...but it did. My pass wasn't working and i was panicking. They i sended myself another pass and i was SAFE :D
Be careful!
And thanks, this is a great post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for warning, great post Brooke :D


vpurple said...

Helpful post(:
I don`t think many people are very aware nowadays how dangerous the internet, particularly sites like Facebook, stardoll, myspace, can be.

vallerina08 said...

oooh i got stomach-ache reading this it always happens to me when im scared O_O that is scary....once i got scared of a little stardoll scary news then i didn't open stardoll for days because of that im scared lol

_kool_kat_1 said...

a.. there are so many issues going around..ppl can get killed and ubducted becasue of the internet...its horrible:(

Anonymous said...

haven't heard of it, and I'm not that silly to open some random sites :)

yes, it's very important topic, people should be informed :)

l0nelly said...

oh dear

thank u so much

Anonymous said...

They are not only virus software attached to some links.
Some have keyloggers linked to them that can attach to your computer.
Since stardoll have millions of members I'm not surprised.
I doubt its kids who have devised this though, as you need a lot of IT experience.
Keyloggers are used to transfer websites info and the data you've input, like user names and passwords.
Ideal for anyone who wants to get account details or even your paypal user name and password.

Anonymous said...

Hey nice work u do i like it .....thanks for sharing
Internet Safety for Kids

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