Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tea with Lolita

Hey Everyone, This weeks Guest Celeb at Tea with Lolita is Baya (EliteNews), she is really well-known on Stardoll for her spicy topics in her blog Elite News Blog about Elites.

Lolita: Hey Baya, thanks for accepting to be with me here.
Baya: Thanks. It's exciting being interviewed for once.

So, how did this Idea of being an Elite Reporter came to you?
I've always loved writing, and I love gossip. So I put two and two together and became an Elite Reporter.

What do you think of elite, without counting you write about them?
I know people might disagree with the whole "elitism" on Stardoll, but it does exist, whether we like it or not. The elites of Stardoll are popular because they've made themselves stand out from the crowd, but other than that their like everyone else.

Is Baya in real life a Simple Girl or a Bossy one?
Baya's simple yet very unique. She's one of a kind.

Yeah, even in Stardoll you are one of a kinda and surely unique. Does Baya have another Stardoll account when she is herself and not an Elite Reporter?
Yes, on my other account I've been a member for a couple of years, I have history on Stardoll.

Lately you have accepted to be part of the E Team, how does it feel to be part of one of the most famous magazine in Stardoll?
It's amazing, everyone at E are very talented at what they do and I'm glad to be a part of the team.

Also u started Elite Entertainment, which looks like an amazing project, tell us more about it. Elite Entertainment produces different projects that relate to the "media" world of Stardoll. It's partners with Writemarycat's Fashion Group.

Really interesting, which is your favorite designer in RL?
The amazing Alexander McQueen (RIP). For me fashion is art and I love looking at art and that's what McQueen created - beautiful pieces of art.

Which is your favorite brand?
My favorite brand is Roxy, love their style of clothes.

Do you like always to write Gossip or there any days where you fell like you are too tired to write.
I do have days when I'm tired to write, but only on rare occasions does that ever happen.

What word what describe you better?

Would you choose Jeans or skirts?
A good o' pair of of blue jean.

Thanks for being here with me Baya (:

Also: When Me and Jenna decided to start this Segment on the blog one of our internsions was to bring here at Tea with Lolita also our readers of this Blog. So after 3 interviews with the Celeb Bloggers we will have 1 with a Reader of the blog.

What should you have to 1:

- Have Been a follower of for more then 4 months. (Oldest readers 1st)

- Be a regular reader of the blog.
- Comment on every posts.
- Be Active in the HotBuys_Bazaar Club too.



Miss_LolitaF said...


Sierra Lang (iswim19) said...

Oh, I love it!
EliteNews is one of my favorite blogs to read, it's so funny and enjoyable! :)

Mailgirl101 said...

I love to read interviews!

Miss_LolitaF said...

Thanks (;

Miss M said...

I love Elite News; the stories are juicy!! xD
And Can't wait to see who the new blog reader being interviewed will be!

Eva said...

Amazing! I love your interviews :]]
And I agree with her on the ''elitism'' theme. The elite is known for being different, unique, standing out from the whole stardoll crowd.

Unknown said...

I would love to be one :D

Evita.Sweet said...

:D Nice inetrveiw.

Someone said...

I liked the interview , it was abit like formali-sh you needed to ask more about real life , but it's okay..
i remember when that account was new , we used to talk to each other..

Melissakuh said...

I didn't know her.. But I will definately check out her suite, and I am curious to see what her posts are going to be about.
And I have to become a follower of her blog of course.

Baya Nikolas said...

Thanks for the interview, had fun.

lady__gagaa said...

nice interview, i like it. she seems like a cool girl :)


nicole24-7 said...

Cool, I've read a few of the entries for her blog :)
Not too bad haha ^^

Anonymous said...

EliteNews is great :)
I can't wait to learn more!

Sanam said...

Great interview,and I love the concept of interviewing members too,definately something I would be interested in reading.Ox

SdoreMe/Ayumi said...

Thanks for the post :) It was a lovely interview ^^

Chicago3 said...

I really love these interviews! I like how we learn about popular people, because some sound snobby when they are not!

And I would love to have Tea with you Lolita if I ever get considered as one of the readers :P

Harper said...

Love it!
I love to see interviews about other bloggers, it lets us see the other side of them.
And I LOVE the idea of having interviews from readers.
Great Thinking:)

AnĂ³nimo said...

i didn't knew this blog or this girl! maybe i'll become a follower! tks and great interview again!

Kirbybabey said...

Great interview :)
I think i have been a follower for a while but im not sure exactly how long :P
I love how your choosing a reader for an interview ;D

Rab92 said...

Yeah, Very Good.
But I Hate To Brake It To Her, Just Because She`s Popular Now It Doesn`t Mean That There Is Such A Thing Of Being An 'Elite'. She Has To Remember Herself, Stardoll Is A Game. Nothing Serious Lol.


Wenqi said...

interesting! i always learn so much more about people through these interviews!

Jennifer said...

I love your idea of interviewing readers I hope the first interview will be for a non-superstar because they always come to this blog your the best! This blog keeps getting better!

Miss_LolitaF said...

Thanks (:

Cherri Blossom said...

gr8 iterview!! luv it

_funnyprincess_ said...

I love her blog. The news are funny, and I think that she has a lot of imagination! :)

Pandora J ♥ said...

I love the interview,it was interesting... And the idea for interviewing a reader of blog is amazing! Can't wait to see who will you pick^^


Lea said...

enjoy your celeb blogger..

dieBrInI06 said...

Cool interview :)

Ruth said...

Nice interview [:

No-one in particular said...

Interesting interview(:
I can`t wait to see who`s next Lolita ♥

RihannyX said...

Great interview!
I love Elite News! :)

FatimaaaaaL said...



Fatooni said...

Baya's a really nice girl! I'm glad you interviewed her!
And I would just LOVE to be one, it looks so interesting!

l0nelly said...

she seems nice

like her :)

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