Saturday, February 27, 2010

McQueen Comp

The Mcqueen tribute doll is out and along with it Stardoll is holding a contest to win a Mcqueen inspired dress. Interesting. I'd love to win, but it's unlikely. I still gave it a go and so should you.

Thanks Lipgloss_babe91 and lady_gagaa

While your dressing up the model for the comp...take a screen print and post the link in comments.......because we are having our own comp!

Non-superstar can enter this too since you are able to do the stardoll comp.

Superstars can either do it at the contest site or it is available as a new doll.


WIN $100sd


cookie9988 said...

Sounds Fun,
I'm definitely entering.

Lea said...

I like this comp.

Kathy8764 said...

Hope you like it :]

BabyDoll980 said...

im in!

name: BabyDoll980


Alicjaaaaa96 said...

it's my outfit!

Anonymous said...

Hope you like it!


_funnyprincess_ said...

Great comp! Here's my entry:


LaFee_1002 / Renata said...

I'm so excited of this comp, and I wonder how that dress will be look like ;)

this is my outfit :)

Waveo said...

My outfit:


-little-cutie-/Mailgirl101/ Katsumy said...

Here's my entry!
Btw, Jenna, It's me, -little-cutie aka Katsumy. I only got a new account and its Mailgirl101 ! :]

love! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
love! said...

Here's my outfit for the comp!

My stardoll name is Bonekinha03!


RihannyX said...

Great competition!

Here's my outfit :

Hope you like it! :)

angelme12345 said...

name: angelme12345

Ruth said...

I wish I could win on stardoll comp too.
I'm one of biggest McQueen design fans ♥
I wonder which dress will they be giving for winning, or maybe all of those which haven't been on plaza will be given for random people? :D
If they will be sell-able I will be ready to pay lots to get the red ruffle one [:

Anyway here is my entry:
[it's diff than one I used to contest when I entered yesterday, I just couldn't make the same I had made :D]

Liza (elisaveta1994) said...

Here's mine:

sahar-star said...

Here's my entry :)

Unknown said...

Hope you like! :)

name: kitty_power5

Pandora J ♥ said...

I don't like this comp,we can't be as creative as we could be if we could make comp in the scenery :)
Good luck everyone!


Miss M said...

I found it a bit tricky, but heres my entry:

Unknown said...

user name:tsinos
my entry:

good luvk everyone

Miss M said...

@Luisa: Yours is so cool!

Mihaela said...

I`m gonna post my entry soon.

Melissakuh said...

This time I'm in.
I'll post my screenpint in another comment.
I won't be judging, just so that you know.

No-one in particular said...

Sounds awesome[:

Melissakuh said...

Username: Melissakuh

Good luck, everyone!

- said...

That sounds great!
I am Nickschmidt and there is my picture:

Hope you like it ;)

katara4 said...

i wont join... i'm not good in dress up dolls :P
but good luck to everyone ;]

Nur Farhana said...

I am entering.

The link is

Chicago3 said...

Great contest! Here is my entery, it was an honor to dress a doll up wth his clothes, hopefully I did him an honor.

lizzie1393 said...

i'm in! =]

here's the link:

Bronagh97 said...


lipgloss_babe91 said...

Thanks for mentioning me =D Im going to enter ill post my entry up when im done xXxXx

MODELforME said...

Hope you like it! (:

zaz1234 said...

this was hard, i didnt know what to do because all of the outfits were so good, anywayz i tried my best and came up with this outfit xx

sd username: zaz1234

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

This is my entry

Hope you like it.

Emma said...

can't wait to see them!
stardoll username: dancekicksbutt

lipgloss_babe91 said...

Here's my entry :


Vicky(s) said...

my entry:


taranee25 said...

here it is!

xAdriannax said...

Entering :)


coolgirl_1412 said...




i hope i win

dieBrInI06 said...

I'm in :-)

pRiNcEssCRaZy46/Rana said...
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Anonymous said...
thats mine i hope u like i am gabbywhelanon stardoll!:)

Anonymous said...

hey thas gabbywhelan with

pRiNcEssCRaZy46/Rana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pRiNcEssCRaZy46/Rana said...

Sorry about taking off some comments, I didn't realize that they had the actual doll for SS dolls.
So here is mine:



cookie9988 said...

Here's my entry..
Good luck to every-one!

Tinkerbells -- Ada said...

So in!!

Hope u like it!! and good luck pp!!


Anonymous said...

hey :]

i hope you like it ♥

xoxo kiarachii

Ooglefish said...

Great Comp, here's my entry:

Great clothes for this doll, wish i could have bought those dresses when they were out but they were too expensive!

AnĂ³nimo said...

here is my link:

name: _inda_

Anonymous said...

Here is my entry:


Martha said...

im a loyal member of a-l

my compentery is
hope you enjoys

Rab92 said...

This Is Such A Good Idea.

I Tried To Keep It All To The One Shade, But Also Added A Bit Of Colour Around The Waist.


melinablogs said...

Tried to keep it clean and simple with few details. My explanation for the look is in the tinypic, great contest!

melinablogs said...

Oops I just saw that I didn't include my name/stardoll name!
Let me repost:
Tried to keep it clean and simple with few details. My explanation for the look is in the tinypic, great contest!

-ILANA (MNTM on Stardoll)
^There we go!

Anonymous said...

heyho ! :D

Here's my entry:

Katarina aka Dimitsuri said...

I'm in:


Kirbybabey said...


Mihaela said...

Good Luck everyone :D

devie44 said...

I'm in:

lady__gagaa said...

i'm in!

my stardoll nickname: lady__gagaa


i tried to keep it simple, because this dress, like all mcqueen dresses are beautiful, unique, and there is no need of a lot accessories. i hope you like my outfit and good luck to all ! :)

Kathy8764 said...

My entry is near the start but in case the link doesn't work this one should:

And my stardoll name is also Kathy8764

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