Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Yes...it's true.... VS WINGS for FREE. How do you fee about yet another rare item being given for free?

This post is completely from Underneath Stardoll. I saw the tip from Thinlizzyfan94 in ourchat box and searched blogs to get it out there as soon as possible.

If you are from Brazil go here:http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=237
and just enter the competition
We haven't found a Brazilian web proxy(if you know one tell us)
but you can use a manual proxy to get them....

How to use a manual proxy?...click HERE)

1. Log out of Stardoll <----very important step

Press Ctrl+Shift+DEL(at the same time) in Firefox or Chrome... a window will pop up. Be sure that all the boxes are checked and in the "drop down" button be sure that you select.. ALL DAYS...not just 1 or 2 days ago...ALL....and Clear them!!
(In firefox the boxes will be shown when you click "Details)

If you are using Internet Explorer go to Tools and Find something that says Clear/Delete History or something and click.... then clear ALL of them!!!

3. Set the manual proxy to
IP: Port:6588
(it worked for us...we got them with that proxy)

IP: Port:3128
(This one worked for me- Jenna)


IP: Port:8080
(Blueberry-Dream used this one)

4.After you do that.... Click to go to the contest here:http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=237

5.Wait till the page loads(will take a while...).....then Log In

6.Remove the manual proxy....and paste this into your url adress http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=237 or enter the competion

They will be in your suite...

(YOU HAVE TO BE PATIENT...it's very slow...the proxy doesn't work all the time...so you have to refresh many times...if it still doesn't work wait to see if we will find a better one!!!)

Whoever has Victoria Secret wings must be really mad at Stardoll right now....they are(were) a VERY VERY rare item.....


Claudia said...

I sometimes love stardoll! so rare item and I have been searching for it long time!!! thanks! :D

although some people may get very angry :(

Melissakuh said...

Well .. I'm glad people who have been searching for them can get them. But it's not fair for the other people who payed so much to get them!

No-one in particular said...


Lets hope it works(:

Daisy April Smith said...

Thanks (:
Very helpful :D

Tiina--- said...

OMG I have to get the wings!! : D

Ruth said...

What will be next??
RC? Lotery?


I was almost buying them for few thousand sd some time ago - fortunately that deal didn't happen :P

The old items for free is of course AWESOME to all who doesn't have them yet.
But what about collectors?

Ermm but well - anyway THANKS for letting us now.

Proxy didn't work for me. Yet.
I will try again :D (as in UnderneathSD was said that it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't)

No-one in particular said...

Mine keeps getting to the contest page,
But then doesn't work when I try to log in ;S

No-one in particular said...

Omg! It worked!! ;O
Thanks sooo much(:

Anonymous said...

can somebody help me? leave me a message on my account Mikihilary1995...

Fashion.Fantasy said...

Great, I worked so hard getting those. Just great... This seriously sucks Stardoll.

BeccaXD said...

Thank you! I love the wings, the shoes and the hat is quite funky :)

☆Shahi-chan~★ said...

uhh i give up, i tried everything T^T
and nothing working for me,
i hate when stardoll make free things for some countries only
it's very annoying and not fear at all U__________U

gaby-052 said...

oh my gosh i doesnt work aww i want to get those wings

bogini10 said...

I can`t do the manual proxy
my internet doesnt work when I change it ;(

_funnyprincess_ said...

AAAAAAH! I can't believe it! It's my favourite item in stardoll and I can get it for free! It was a rare item!
Some people paid over 1000 stardollars to get those wings! They must be furious! I would if I was one of them!

Agnes said...

Damn!!! That's doesn't work! :(

sakuradream said...


sakuradream said...

OH ! and i really feel sad for those people who paid ALOT of their money just to be able to get it for free.....

Chicago3 said...

Oh wow! If only I could use manual proxies, but I am just not comfortable with using them

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

@ Landrynka12340

Try the new proxies posted. The 2nd worked for me and it was a lot faster.

ayfairy said...

the second one worked for me, too! thank you so much!!! I tried forever with the other ones, great!

26jen said...


lady__gagaa said...

thank you. i know it's unfair, but that's life :)

Heart Newbridge said...

Woah! :O
I got it with the third proxy, that one was really fast.

bobdude123 said...

i'm so excited about that! i don't think it will work for me though because of the whole having to delete the history thing but i will definitley have a go!

Cherri Blossom said...

thanks!! but hopefully this wont lessen the rareness of this...

and anyway i cant get it cause proxy stuff messes with my computer! :(

nicole24-7 said...

I'll try this later :)
I really want those wings haha :p

Mihaela said...

That`s awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Of COURSE this lessens the rareness of the wings! Anyone who know how to use a proxy can now get them. Although it is cool that people can now get them, Stardoll is now becoming a twat of a site, becoming greeding, making things like the prices of LE ridiculous (although that doesn't stop people spending heaps of REAL LIFE MONEY that they should save up instead of spending on a website), upping the cost of broadcasts and taking away our free one SD a day. I used to love Stardoll, but now it has come to the point of ridiculousness, where people 2,625 SD (which is almost $70!) on broadcasts so that they can become "covergirl" for a day, and then get forgotten the next day when there is new covergirl. People, go and get a LIFE! Donate the money that you are giving to Stardoll to dying and starving children in Haiti! Use that $70 that you were going to spend on 3000 SD to buy LE on a REAL dress instead. Thank you.

Waveo said...

Another rares for free!!!
I tzhink it´s great for the people who doesn´t have them, but the collector´s wich payd a lot for them become angry for sure!

Gosia said...

thank you so much
for me worked blueberry proxy :)

Athena said...

Omg thanks!!!

RihannyX said...

Oh my gooooood !!
VS wings! Those were like...one of the most rare things on sd..O_o

Love them, but i know Maaany people will get Really angry..

Eva said...

Hm. Right now I'm freakin' glad I haven't bought them for 250$ before as I almost did. :P

Thankies ♥


Chicago3 said...

I just tried using the manual proxy, and it didn't work on my computer :(
(this is because of the internet connection I have)

Anonymous said...

I didn't get it ;(;(


Anyways -..-
I love that Stadoll gives those things away, for free :D , haha ,
but I'm feeling VERY sorry for collectors...

Rab92 said...

Why Is It Always Other Counties That Get The Best Things? First It Was 2 Of The Enchanted Dresses & Now It`s Those Wings! What Next?!

I`m Passing (Again) On This Proxy Thing, I Don`t Trust Them.


nicole24-7 said...

I got them :D
I used the proxy that Jenna used :)

Emmie said...

:o It actaully worked, like ZOMG! :D :D :D

Wenqi said...

im from US, i have a pc and i got it!! it took me 2x but i got it!

Anonymous said...

i used the last proxy. it took a while and i tried all of them until that one worked for me. i had to turn the proxy off and on for a while. but i finally got it! im so happy. this is the first time a manual proxy has worked for me. ><
id be PISSED though if i already had them.

Anita said...


♥__♥ LoVe'em

Anita said...

Ahah stardoll is kinda ""strange"""

It's like for the enchanted dresses, you spend thousands of $tardollars to get'em, and a year later you can have'em for FREE


ADJAJA/Anna said...

[Stardoll] Is turning into a horrible piece of crap!

First the enchanted dress, now the VS wings? And not to mention the recent shitty, overpriced items they put out in the starplaza! When will it stop?!!

Lea said...

I try this work for me.. I wish I can get that..

Anonymous said...

ai,ai,ai,é bom ser do brazil...I LOVE U.S.A SO MUCH,BUT BRAZIL IS MY COUNTRY FOREVER!!!

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