Thursday, July 12, 2018

RE-LE Second Season Info

Stardoll has announced on their blog that they are having a second season of RE-LE. Some people also received emails.

You can find the original blog post by stardoll HERE.

For those that don't know, RE LE was a store that took items from the first season of LE, and re-released them. Presumably, or at least as it was hinted by Stardoll, these were not 'new' pieces but rather items of LE that were sitting around in deleted accounts.

This time, they have given an image detailing what items will be included, and how many there are of each. Rather than being the second season, which is what most people were interested in, it's the less-popular (even at the time of release,) season 10.

The full store of season 10 looked like this, and I;m interested in seeing if they bring the interior back or not.


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