Sunday, November 9, 2014

Back to School Theme Day winners

The results for the school theme day are finally here!
I'd like to apologize, I know it took so long and Theme Days have been kinda neglected but the wait is over.

The winner of the Back to School theme day is...


The judges thought yours was the ultimate outfit for school! Congratulations :)
She wins 50 stardollars!

The runner-up is...


Her simple yet stylish look also convinced us. She wins 25 stardollars.

Honorable mention to: Green_Eye_Angel, pinklovelemons, amy235

They each win a wishlist gift of 15 stardollars or less.

Please see Collecting Prizes to claim your prize.

 Click to enlarge

Special thanks to our judges:
Crazycharmy, Mirdith, Judith_25, ilgd, Modmayhem, JosephinaA, LadyAnneLena, booklover29, Ms.Brigitte

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