Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good Bye Mary

I'm going to close the previous post by Mary and this one because I just think it's time to move on and I don't want Mary to leave on a low note.

So Mary and I agree it's time to move on. For her that means she will nolonger be writing for our blog. Let me just state that this was initially MARY'S DECISION. Not mine. I did NOT ask her to leave because we disagreed over some points on the Nicole-0 situation.

I am kinda sad to see her go, as I saw so much potential in the segments she wished to bring to our blog and enjoyed her posts when she was a guest blogger. However, I agee. There are no ill feelings on my part and I wish her luck in everything she does.

Good-bye Mary! We loved having you here and look forward to seeing your amazing talents displayed elsewhere.

BTW- Nicole-0 contacted me this morning. This is what she had to say. I won't show her new account at this point..

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