Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The searchers, judges and myself worked really hard to come up with a few different names in each category. I actually hand picked at least 1 in each category that would be new to the awards. I even added a 6th slot per category to ensure this.

Before the complaints start..yes you will still see some well known names as they deserve to be there as well. BUT there are NEW names as well.

With all that said, I will be changing things next month. The nominees will only come from blog followers. So if you read this blog and would like to be a part of the awards make sure you are an official follower.

*I plan to also hold various competitions to help more people get recognized and also I will adding/changing some categories! Also the winners will not be able to be nominated in the same category 2 months in a row.

The polls will be closed. You have until Feb 26th to vote and the winners will be announced here on the blog... Saturday, Feb 27th at 1:00pm USA EST.

Please come to the blog dressed for the awards. We will do a best dressed list. We will have a small ceremony, chat an discuss the results here. This is the only day there will be music ever on this blog! So hope to see you there! More info to come...


BEST STYLE ICON: Prize $25sd
-New! This will be mostly well known members. They are a Stardoll Icon for their sense of style.


BEST SUITE: Prize $25sd (Click on their name to visit their suite)


2. elka_
3. Irennnnna
4. SakuraDream

5. Servati
10. ThePoisonApple

BEST ALBUM: Prize $25sd

1. TWINS18

2. Filipinhamaria
3. Medoll-Justme

4. 0771
 5. Zivyle

BEST SCENERY: Prize $25sd

1. ClairePop
2. Jerrix

3. moooooon

4. twins18
8. ofelia17
6. natasha-rox286

BEST DESIGNER: Prize $25sd

1. Sweetlus
2. Thatgirlsophy
5. Keira-V
6. moooooon
2. Felicia63
3. joanne1305


(Fairly well known, Creative/Innovative, Entertaining)

THE SPARKLE AWARD: Prize $100sd code
(Total package, beauty, style, personality and most importantly has made a contribution to Stardoll)

1. Ayfairy
Nominated for her incredible style and created outfits designed from suite items.

2. Bluegreen86
Nominated because she is an icon on Stardoll and is very sweet, She has the whole package
3. Boo4bettz
Nominated for her incredible blog outing the scammers on Stardoll and her fashion sense.
4. hottpink12
Nominated because she has a sweet personality and a non-elite awards show where no one if left
Nominated because she has a great personality, beautiful medoll, suite, style, and she is amazing at graphics.

6. MSM
Nominated for their amazing blog, style and personalities.



gaby-052 said...

i already vote! i think all the nominees are well chosen!

Anonymous said...

Mary = Best Stardoll Persona?
Are you kidding?
She is not nice.
She is just a bitch.
She just want fame & that is sad.

Gabby1822 said...

Wow, you added a lot of different categories. Okay- well anyways, I just voted!

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

@ Anon- read the description...well known, Creative/Innovative, Entertaining.

She's all of those.

@Gabby. I created 3 because everyone was mostly voting for the well known members..

melinablogs said...

Visuals and Awards were lovely.
GL to all!
I voted for a few new nominees and a few well known.

Gabby1822 said...

@jenna. Yeah, I read the club post after seeing the categories and I totally get it now. I think that was a brilliant idea :)

cottoncandy said...

i voted...some new nominees are really good :) good luck to all...

Chicago3 said...

Best Femal Medoll-thegorgusgirl (there is no poll for that!) , best style icon-bluegreen86, best male medoll- -Marco., Best Suite- Irennnnna, Best Album- Medoll-Justme, Best Scenery- moooooon, best designer- Sweetlus, Best graphic designer- Ruaninha, Best Stardoll persona- Findurlove, Sparkle Award- MSM

Also, I feel that most of the people on here are known, but that is just me.

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

@Chicago3- Yes there is.

Also you can't make them all unknown members. I made a few in each category.

You are involved. You guys are the ones who nominated these people and who voted for them.

Honestly if I hadn't changed would have been just the same as other awards that you all complain about.

Chicago3 said...

@Jenna- It was just my computer, sorry about that. And I am not trying to say anything bad, I commend and applaud you for adding new people, and I totally agree that there needs not to be all new people. I was just stating my opinion, it just came out wrong. Hopefully I didn't offend or anything, because that is the last thing I would want to do.

P.S. I think it is excellent that you read the blog comments :)

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

No you didn't offend. I was just explaining. Thanks

Chicago3 said...

Okay, thanks :)

cheerleader2648 said...

I like it, well known ppl, and not well known ppl. It was hard to chose the graphics designer.

nicole24-7 said...

I like the new categories you put up :)
Good luck to all that got nominated! They all deserved it!

Elite News said...

Thank you for the nomination!

Just finished voting!

Manolo.DiCicco said...

I'm shocked & exited.
Thanks for the nominee.
Good luck to all.

RihannyX said...

Thanks for the nomination.

And i love the new categories. It's great to make other members known to. :)

I voted.*

I'm so excited! :D

MSM said...

It is a surprise and honour and to be nominated...thank you very much:)

Adri said...

Thanks a lot for the nomination :)

Good Luck to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Candyman981 said...

I voted :D
I think some of the nominations
were a bit off though(:

The suites are amazing ;D

sahar-star said...

thanks you for the nomination! :D
I love the sceneries btw! :O

Anonymous said...

I voted x
I really love these nominees :)

Liza (elisaveta1994) said...

I also voted. These are the first Sparkle Awards that I vote in, and I'm excited. By the way I like the fact that there are many Russian nominees, heh.

Avril14140 said...

Thank you for nomination.

Good Luck to everyone!

Daisygirlz / Joyce said...

I voted .. good luck to alll !!! x

HOUPiSONFiRE said...


Good luck ♥

Ciara said...

Yay! Thank you for choosing me as a nominee. ;D
I also think the other people chosen are amazing. (:
Good luck everyone!


vpurple said...


Maxime said...

Aaahhh! :D
Thank you so much for nominating me!
It means the world to know that people like what I created.
So again,
Thanks!!! :D


thegorgusgirl said...

thanks for putting me as a nomination :)

Ruaninha *-* said...

Thank you for the nomination :DDDD
I'm so happy ^-^
I love the categories :D
And the nominees are so good ((:

_anto_ said...

Thanks for nomination (:

Anonymous said...

great nominations ! :O
It was so cool to check everybody's suites, albums and sceneries :):)
I voted for the best :D
It struggled while choosing the best scenery and the best designer... but i managed it well ;D

Good luck ya'll !
PS! I really think so many of them deserve winning :/ But if they don't win, they'll get noticed - and that's the whole point of The Sparkle Awards :)

kitty_power5 said...

It's really cool! Those awards are an original idea :)

Yazzieblue said...

Thank you for including me!

It means a lot to me :)

...Electra.... said...

I was happy to see people like Vasia and Marco there and I voted for them. [:

bent-ksa said...

i Voted for The Best!

And Good Luck ^_^

Kirbybabey said...

I cant beleive ive never come across this blog before :O
Its amazing!
I am going to become an active follower cause this is just awesome. And i voted for the sparkle awards, good luck to you all =D
One day, i wish i could be up there nominated for an award. GOD that would be Epic.

Sabina said...

Im so thankful! Even if I dont win Im so happy to be nominated! Thanks so much!

K_E_O_S_H_A/Jana said...

Voted for who worth! ;) eventhough they all worth , love that sparkle awards so much!

-Marco. said...

Ow :O
Thank you for the nomination :}

It was hard to choose the best
scenery D;

Boo4Bettz said...

i voted! it took a while there are some amazing entrys!
also huge thanx 2 emorox4eva 4 nomintating me 4 the sparkle awards (looks extremely shocked!) lol
thanx hun!

Rab92 said...

Long List, But They All Deserve To Be Nominated... But I Never Though I`d See Myself There!!! :O
So Shocked, Thanks Jenna.

Best Female Doll - Rachweee123.
Best Style Icon - Vasia 28.
Best Male Doll - Manolo.DiCicco (Hard Not To Vote Myself Lol)
Best Suit - SakuraDream.
Best Album - 0771.
Best Scenery - Moooooon.
Best Designer - Moooooon.
Best Graphics Artist - Jonh2_El_Mejor. (Very Hard To Choose!)
Best Stardoll Persona - FindUrLove.
Best Sparkle Award - BlueGreen86.

Gooood Luck To Everyone, Even The Guys In The Same Section As Me, I Wish Us All The Best Of Luck!!


Bluegreen86 said...

Wow! I feel like I have already won, being nominated for two awards!

I really cannot even believe I am in the running for the Sparkle award, thank you so much to everyone who even considers voting for me! It means so much!

I love you Jenna and other Judges!<33

I also am so inspired by alot of the other categories and nominations!

Clairepop said...

Thanks for the nomination:)

Anonymous said...

I should have been nominated for best album whatever i am making a new issue anyways- Tinkheart07

cookie9988 said...

I loved all of the nominee's and would like to congratualte the judges on their fabulous decisions.

twins18 said...

OMG! thank you sooo much for nominating me in two categories! :D I`m so happy! :)

iiiccchhhaaa said...

waw. congratulation you guys!


Rachweee123 said...

Omgg, thanks for nominating me!
I see a load of my friends there also.

Samantha said...

I applaud you guys for being one of a few to have an awards that actually showcases true stardoll talent!

lipgloss_babe91 said...

This is a great selection of people =] Good luck all xXxXx

lipgloss_babe91 said...

Great choice its nice to see some new names =] xXxXx

ayfairy said...

It is such an huge honor to be nominated!
I deeply appreciate it!
I´m very amazed by a lot of nominations and
and all the creativity.

ADJAJA/Anna said...

I loved all of the nominations; I think the searchers did very well! Of course Tyler got my vote :]

Blaire / shadow-4- said...

I voted. (:

Congratulations nominees, and good luck!

Punkie Princess v.v said...

Wow very cool!

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