Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hey everybody! Things are going a bit better so I signed on today and what do I see new Kohls clothes. A new line for Candies by Britney Spears. I like a few of these a lot. Also a new Abbey Dawn line and a few Mudd items! What do you think?
Are you buying it?

COMP: Dress your medoll in the new Kohls clothes. Do a screen print and list the link in comments. You must use at least 1 main clothing item from the new line. Not shoes, purse or jewelry.

Non-superstars or people without money can do a screen print fropm the starplaza.

Ends AUG 8th! Sign up in comments!

WIN $200sd code!

JUDGES: If you want to judge. State it in comments. The day after the end date. Look at all the entries and choose your top 3. Send your results to me on stardoll and I will credit you as a judge when the results are announced.

UPDATES: I am really sorry for all prizes still owed and not being here. As you know my mom is sick and I just haven't been able to be on stardoll. I will get them out to people a little at a time. I can not predict the time frame as I am extremely behind and limited to 3 per week, but it will get to you. I hope everyone can understand and just realize that I have to have my priorities in order.

THANK YOU: To all my friends/writers who have been writing while I am gone! I love you all and really appreciate the help!


Anonymous said...

the shops not comming up for mee?

Anonymous said...

for me 2 ):

Sara said...

I loved the Kohls clothes!
I have one of the shirts in real life, it's from Candies (:
I think Stardoll made it more un-flattering on Me-Dolls, though.

Tanisha / x_tammii3_x said...


They where in the 'new' section of the Starplaza this morning (UK Time) and now they are gone!! :O

Im so glad I brought the 2 candies scarfs now!
But where have they gone?
Its like the Miss 60's incident all over again! :D

But seriousley, where have they gone?~!

Emeraldroxx said...

I love the new collection. But i can only see it in the search button where the popular cateogory is not the actuall shop.

ALSO i want to enter the competitioN!
Here is my entry link:

Stardoll Name: Emeraldroxx

Jenna / Robinbird00 said...

Hey! I wanna join!

Shop-O-Holic-X said...


Anonymous said...

Marikate said...

Hey Jenna!

I really would like to be a judge for the comp!If I am accept tell me in my GB.My name is marikate14.

Cherries648/Neon said...

What if you don`t have a tinypic account?
[Tinypic won`t let me make an account. Darn them.]


Liza (elisaveta1994) said...

You don't need an account to be able to upload pics.

Cherries648/Neon said...

@Liza - Oh, okay, thanks. ;]

I`ll upload my picture in a few hours. I have to go now.

Joanna said...

Great! Here's my entry for the competition:

I'm jo_arias on Stardoll

Liza (elisaveta1994) said...

Cherries648, you're welcome. :P

Here is my entry (it's totally non-ss, by the way):


_kool_kat_1 said...

i love khols i would wear their stuff in real life aswell!

Saisa said...


...Electra.... said...

my entry ^^
stardoll name: ...Electra....

4 dots in the end!!

Anonymous said...

Username is kkxx10

Macaws said...

Username: macaws
Hope you like it [:

lxyoni A.K.A. Liliya Georgieva said...

I am loving the new collection bu KOHL'S.
Here is my outfit:
And my username is lxyoni
Bye and good luck to you all!

Talia said...
Talia x

john2_el_mejor said...

You are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool, I´m so happy.

If you want, I can be a judge

Regina226 said...

I'd like to join ^^ =)

Regina226 said...

my stardoll name is Regina226 if you wouldn't guess it xD

Kathi86 said...

all the clothes are gone... but i have bought alot of them this afternoon. i will join the comp.

stardoll username is the same as this one :)

Doggy-luva1/izzyrocks1 said...

yay another comp
im Doggy-luva1 on stardoll
here is my entry:

taranee25 said...

I'm glad that things are going better. I'm gonna sign for this comp later :)

Anonymous said...

can i please join!
my paint shop isn't working but i have the outfit on in my suite!
please can someone do me a screen print!


Anonymous said...

That last model hair, is my dream curly hair. Also I hope your mom feels better.


jatti4eva said...

hiiyaaah im jatti4eva < on stardoll and here is my entry:

hope you likee it


Shinygirl772 said...

I love the new Kohls, they're great. :D

For the competition;
SD Username: Shinygirl772

nobodys_home87 said...

jenna i'm happy you're back. hope your mum's better.

here it is my entry:

stardoll name: nobodys_home87

i personally love this season of kohl's, i bought almost all XD

The Mon said...


I would like to judge, also.

chicky357 said...

heres my entry for the comp


xoxo-jenny-xoxo said...

my camera isnt working so i couldn't take a picture so i saved my outfit in my album
pg 13 its labelled

xoxo-jenny-xoxo is my stardoll name

hanastacia-M said...

I love the new Clothess!!
I'm not too into the Abbey Dawn, Avril Lavigne stuff but I love the Candies. I only like one t-shirt in the Mudd stuff aswell.

I just did an outfit really quick, so

Also I wish your mam the best on getting well! :D
My stardoll user is hanastacia-m

Tanisha / x_tammii3_x said...

Im interested in the comp!

Username- x_tammii3_x

Anonymous said...

I Love The New Clothes!
They`re Actually So Fabulous Lol.

My Link:

I Used A Scarf. It`s Still A Part Of The Clothes & Not As Small As Jewellery, Shoes Ect. So I Think It Counts.

I`m Rab92

lizzie1393 said...

i'm in! =]

here's the link to my outfit (my main piece is the "rock punk glam" top:

daisy-croatia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
daisy-croatia said...

I am in.

Here's my link:


.0.cute.0. said...

I am I the contest!
Here is link:

Hope you like it :Đ

I Exhale Vanilla Lace said...

Love the contest! Here's a nice, casual going out outfit that I created and would totally wear in real life.


Anonymous said...


Bluegreen86 said...

Ah Jenna! I love seeing you posting again :D

I hope your mom gets EVEN better, and I will continue to pray for you!

Also I love the new clothing, except some pieces are a bit corny for my personal taste but some are great :D

and I am definitely going to enter that contest!

reira422 said...

I'm in :)

2_cutecarla said...

They are nice. I was just at Kohls. I bought abbey dawn and candies. Unfortunatey what I bought is not on stardoll.
I'll enter soon.

♀≈ §ΛЯΛĦ β ≈♀ said...

Here's my outfit:

Enjoy! =]


katara4 said...

i'm so happy to see you here again ;D

i hope your mum is getting better...

i'm going to enter the comp and here is the link:

i hope you like it :)

Irina-Delua said...

I'm in too.
BDW: I love Kohls. I bought almost all of them.

Here's my entry:

Hope your mom gets better...:(


On Stardoll: irina-de-luna

sd_is_da_best said...

Take all the time you need. your mum's health is way more important than a ss code so I don't mind waiting.
I will probably enter tomorrow or the day after.

mishka1997 said...

OMG..this is really great! I love them,but,the prices could b a little bit cheaper? .. But,anuwau I bought a lot of things.
And,I am in the Comp!
Here's my outfit.
Hope u like it.

MeDoll-JustMe said...

I decided to keep it simple. :)

MollyMasquerade said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Princess-A said...

Here's mine :)
Im called _Hot_Pants_

GOLDENxo said...

I love the Kohl's clothes this season, way better than the any of collections already realised, although there are some items that I don't really like.
Anyways, here's my entry:
Hope your Mum gets better :)


Leanne said...

Hi Im Leanne And My Username Is Leannelala, Here Is My Outfit :

BR93 said...

Here's my entry:

Stardollname: BR93


Aquafabulosa said...

im in


Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm in! I was going to dress my doll in my suite but $0 after using my daily $6 didn't quite stretch to the price of the clothes! lol!
Here's my entry:

Thankyou! Ooglefish.

Уαsмıиe♥ said...
Thanks. :)

_funnyprincess_ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Уαsмıиe♥ said...

Oh, and I'm yasas10. Duh. [[:

angie21z said...

i want to join :)
here is my entry:

my stardoll username is angie21z


Aaliyah/hip-hop-girl123 [On SD] said...
I'm sorry, I drag on a bit.

_funnyprincess_ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cherries648/Neon said...

I love all the new Kohl`s!
Everything`s amazing!

Here`s my entry:


lil.stargurl said...

Here's mine:

I just realized something!
You guys have EXACTLY 666 followers!

Valarie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
berriesncream said...

I have never done a competition like this one. O.O

Thanks for the opportunity :]

berriesncream said...

oh, sorry...
My username is:

krisikote said...

hey,I'm in.Krisikote
here's the link

Anonymous said...

hi.. i am a follower of ur blog but my acc isn't opening so i am doing is my dressup ( i have used "candies fringed tank" as the main clothing piece):

Hope u like it..! :)
sarzz_22 from stardoll.

Anonymous said...

hi,i am zainooo from is my outfit, my main piece is "candies fringed top"

_funnyprincess_ said...

My EntRy:


MollyMasquerade said...

my entry:

and i totally understand about the prizes... as they say, good things come to those who wait, and like you said, its best to get your priorities in order :)

LoveKristen said...

Hi! I would love to enter that contest so here is my screen print:

Also, I'm new in the club, so I don't know you. But I read that your Mum was sick so I really hope she'll get better soon.

LoveKristen said...

(I forgot to precise... from KHOL'S I'm wearing the Candie's Fringed Tank, not only the Candie's ankle shoes and Candie's plaid scarf)


Here is my entry:
Hope you like it!

Kai Liis said...

I can't do that picture thing -.-
I'm wearing my Kohl's outfit now, my stardoll user is LadyLiisu :)
My main clothing is that Corset Jacket (grey) :)
I love Kohl's clothing (A)

HazeBlueBaby said...

Im in for the comp! my stardoll username is HazeBlueBaby
And here's the link for my dress up comp entry!

I like candie's the most and will be buying all of them if I have enough sd :P

colleenp87 said...

My entry for the competition =)

pilzilein said...

I'd like to enter the comp.
My entry:


Valarie said...

I have to upload the screen print!

Valarie said...
Is cheerleader2211 's entry.

princess020294 said...

hello, it's princess020294
here is my entry:
it's a princess oufit meant to show the possible use of Kohl's clothes in different styles.

Anonymous said...
user: pantene94

Anonymous said...

stardoll name: NeonCrawler

libbiekitty said...

oh my goshh this took me forever. Considering i don't really like the kohls as much as i thought.
But yeashhh, i changed my outfit lots.
And tried to avoid dkny and rares in it, its not about that. :)

- From Libbiekitty (stardoll name)

filipamaria said...

Im in the comp.
I love this shop, the pieces are really awsome.
Here is my link:

Princess4Ever94 said...
I like the new kohl's line!

Anonymous said...

Im in

My username is stars_flower

And here is the link to my outfit:

It's BLurry.But i hope you can still see it


chicago3 said...

I love the Candies line. Some pieces are versatile while some make there own statement. Here's my outfit :


Stephanie (spoiledjr555) said...




Anonymous said...

G0SlA ( is g0sla)

hope you like XXX

Anonymous said...

Im in

G0SIA (is like g0sla)

Lilla a.k.a ewonline said...

I used the Mudd Plaid shirt.

iiiccchhhaaa said...

hey, i just requested to join with ur club, love ur blog too,

nice to know ya! :D
and here's the link for the comp

visit my suite>
my username is iiiccchhhaaa

see ya

be_more_chill said...

..i never knew how to do this stuff until now.. so i want to join..:)


be_more_chill said...

..i have no idea what to copy from the codes. pathetic. ^^


Lauren/amy235 said...

i love the new kohls clothes!

here's my entry:

Snowphie said...

i missed the deadline, so can i be a judge?
i'll mail you my results now :)

hope you're mum feels better :)

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