Friday, April 14, 2017


Welcome to our new Saturday OOTD posts!

Saturday OOTD's are for fun and will include a theme!

Theme's are NOT mandatory.

They are to be fun and challenging.

However, if you participate in both Sat and Sun THEMED OOTD... your name will be put in a raffle to
WIN $50sd

This weekend's theme is...

Style you doll in tropical colors this weekend!
(The brighter the better. Resort wear, evening wear, bathing suit attire etc.. Use your imagination!)

Inspired by Dolce&Gabbana's Tropical City Collection for Summer 2017, and that it was LEI DAY in Hawaii.

You are welcome to post 2 OOTD's on the weekends.
 (Regular and Theme)

Post your Sat OOTD below!

~Don't forget your Stardoll name and date


AngelRuxxy said...


Martyna said...

i think it's a great idea too!


rosie333. said...

THAT SOUNDS AWESOME! It's also a very good way of promoting the club.

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Yeah I thought so too and of getting people to be involved and comment on the blog. That was my goal to get everyone as active as I am! Tnx :D

Mushkaa said...

That's awesome idea! *thumbs up*
that's very good motivation :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea!
I've just started to get into this club + i like getting stuck in and being rlly involved.

Btw, yano the V-day dress up/poem comp .. do you have to have 3 outfits?
I was looking at another Competitors entry and she had 3 outfits. I ONLY HAVE ONE SO FAR! X
-Funkydoohdaah01. x x x

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

No it's only suppose to be 1 out fit and 1 poem.

Thanks everyone :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea...
just joined the club today its brilliant

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