Saturday, October 8, 2016


The HB Kick Flare Pants came out last night. Sorry I am late posting, but I was away from my computer at the time. Anywho, what do you think of them?

How would you style them? 

Show us in comments and you will be included in  our HB Who wore it best Poll. 

Also, several people can GET IT FOR FREE by being selected in our random drawing. 
Just state in your entry to include you in the drawing and your're set and include your Stardoll name!


I also wanted to tell you about an exciting new segment we have combined with one our sister blogs THE STYLISH STARDOLL SISTERS (Mirdith and Judith_25). As always we will have your HB Polls on here and HB Giveaways, but now you can go to their blog and see the HB's advice segment along with their styling ideals! You will get to vote and choose which stylish sister's styling you liked the best!

They will also be choosing 2 people from our polls as their favorite stylings and include them in their monthly HB's recap post. The chosen outfits will get the chance to choose their choice of any 1 of the HB's released for the month. 

I think this will be so much fun! So don't forget to check them out as their HB post will be up soon! 

They did do one for the HB Cat Eye Glasses. Be sure to take a look at that! 

As you know we don't normally do polls for items that are accessories and not main clothing pieces, but now you will have the opportunity to share your outfits so they can be included in their monthly recap segment.


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