Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Super Supreme released like....3 hours ago lol.

Okay, so I'm a bit distracted today. My University is on strike and I missed this release. Although personally, I don't feel like I missed all that much. I didn't even know who many of these were until I looked at the tag.

What did you think?

So, even though I don't care for this release, I was inspired to do a contest and with Halloween right around the corner... I think it's perfect.

I am doing a comp and a giveaway!

Choose your favorite Super Supreme vinyl toy, find a real life pic and dress up like that celebrity. Post pic in comments.

~Please include real life pic as well.
~Must be one of the celebs included in this release

WIN $100sd

Ends SUNDAY October 23rd at midnight

GIVEAWAY RULES: You must state in comments which one is your favorite!

I will gift at least the first 10 people if still available.

Please make sure the toy in in your WL.


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