Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Stardoll has released a new floor of Evil Panda. 

I don't know if they are trying to keep us on our toes or not because I think this was suppose to be released yesterday. Maybe they were just having some technical issues, but with all the new changes to spoilers and the release times, if this switch was intentional. Who knows...

What do you guys think of it? Tell us in comments and be entered in a drawing to win the biker vest!
Open for 24hrs.

Evil panda is not typically my store, so I am not doing a comp, but it does tie in well with the activities I have planned to post shortly. So, stay tuned.

Runway Comp - Ends Oct 6
Sweet Suites - Ends Oct 5

We have 3 OOTD Polls open closing today, so please vote!

Week of Aug 22 - 26 - VOTE HERE
Week of Aug 29 - Sept 2 - VOTE HERE
Weeks of Sept 5 - 30 - VOTE HERE


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