Wednesday, July 25, 2018

New 9to5

Hello everyone and welcome to another Wednesday!

Stardoll graced us with a new floor in the 9to5 store. The theme this time seems to be aviation (or something like that). We got four new outfits for three occupations - a flight attendant, two pilot outfits and (for some reason) a space outfit. The prices range between 6 (5) SD for scarf and gloves to 25 (23) SD for the "interior".

I am not the biggest fan of this release, to be honest. I think that Stardoll staff missed a lot of opportunities with this one. To begin with, I strongly dislike the fact that a lot of clothing items are fused together (tie and shirt, jacket, tie and shirt, pants and belt). There are (again) no "boy body type" clothes. And the boots are just recoloured version of the brown ones from the previous release. At least the space suite might come handy (if you have a space-inspired room).

What are your thoughts on this release? Will you buy anything? Share your thoughts and (possible) stylings in the comments below!

Have a great day!

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