Monday, February 20, 2017


Thank you all for participating in our joint 
Stardoll Chat/Stardoll's Most Wanted Galentine's Day Comp!  
Everyone who entered did an amazing job!

All winners were selected by the judges at SDC.

1st place: Du.h and Gurlwithswag

Prize: $100sd each

Please contact me at Jennarox4eva within 1 week

2nd place: CoolRachael and Lolitka1444

Prize: $50sd each

Please claim at Yung-mai within 1 week

3rd place: Judih_25 and Mirdith

Prize: 4 WL gifts of choice 
($30sd or less)

Please claim at Yung-mai within 1 week

Honorable Mention to Lilyhippo and Rosalieebby


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