Thursday, February 2, 2017


Hello SMW Community! This is going to be a new feature here. I hope you will like it. I will be showcasing reasonable priced items in each article. This is my 2nd time posting for a blog, so please bear with me.

We will be concentrating on JEWELRY this time. I will be using a non-Superstar account of mine to show you the true prices of things you can find in the CATALOG for starcoins or just a few stardollars.

You don't have to buy designer items. Want different color eyes? Try SUNNYBUNNY. You can also find chains, piercings and eyelashes for starcoins! Not just Kawaii stuff there. Take a look

RIVIERA, tons of great jewelry with great graphics, that goes under your hair. Also WILDCANDY. Try putting a bracelet in your hair or a ring on your arm.
I love EPIPHANY and MAWI but so expensive and goes over your doll's hair. Don't you hate that! Me too. Plus it goes to Beauty Parlor and you have to wear it with everything! But I did find a few starcoin items plus the KORS inspired tortoise ring you see above on my doll with the fish ring used as a bracelet.

My favorite pieces come from VOILE LADIES. You will see me feature a lot of their items. Very good graphics and go under hair. See above.
And lastly try making your own unique jewelry from a few different pieces.
I combined the Givenchy Stud for 3sd with sparkling hair diamond (sorry no longer available but you get the idea) to make this cool earring!
So even if you are not Superstar or Royalty or don't have a lot of Stardollars,
you can still look like a million bucks! So until next week, Goodbuy ♥

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