Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

It's that time for our Valentine;s Day Giveaway! 
I hope you are all excited! 
So, I picked out a bunch of things that with hearts and love and just made me think of Valentine's Day! Some are worth more than others, but it's always fun to get something for $2sd or 2sc right?!

I am going to leave the comps and the giveaway open until midnight on Thursday to give more people a chance to sign up.

Here are the items for the giveaway! If you have social media then you already know!

I will put each pic in comments. 
Sign your Stardoll name under each item you are interested in winning. You can sign up for as many as you want.

However, please only sign up if it's an item you truly want... 
These are not meant for resale.
If that were the case I could sell them myself.

~You must have entered at least 2 of our Valentines comps to be eligible
~Sign your Stardoll name and list the 2 comps you entered under the pic you are interest in.

~Winners will be chosen by Random draw on Friday
~Winnings may be limited to 2 per person
~Items may be removed if they do not generate enough interest

Please spread the news of our Valentine's celebrations on social media 
(FB, IG or Twitter). 

You can share our Vday Giveaway Post. 

If you do you will be entered in a raffle to win $100sd. 

~You must have a min of 10 active Stardoll followers!
~Also may help to tell us here in comments that you shared it!


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