Monday, February 20, 2017


The HB Givenchy booties are now available at Plaza! They cost $17 and have pretty nice graphics. 

Real version:
My thoughts are these booties are not enough of Givenchy! With my favorite Riccardo Tisci leaving the House, we're having a whole epoque left behind. An epoque of inclusivity (think Lea T as a campaign model; dressing Kim K when everyone was mocking her; bringing back Mariacarla Boscono & Donatella thus proving a model can be older than 18), intricate laces, architectural cuts and an image of an all-empowered woman of modern age, who doesn't choose from being feminine or strong and prefers to do both. With all of that and more SD gives us...basic Valentine-ish booties?..

But that's just my thoughts, what are yours
Share your opininon in comments and get these booties for free!


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