Sunday, February 12, 2017


So, here we are in my Dressing Room with some of my most expensive and designer bags. 
I love purses in real life also but who can afford MK, COACH, etc.
Same in my Stardoll life. So I have put together some bags that are affordable mostly in starcoins 
but found a few stardollar ones also!

Here are some super cute VOILE LADIES purses for starcoins but be careful some are really big when put on your doll so I have not included them. That gold bag is really cute and I saw one like it in NELLY for over 10sd! 
The FILM THEORY, MINIMALISM, SWEET SUITE and other decor stores have lots of bags but they go to your storage. So don't forget to look there when you want to style your doll with those items.

Last of the Starcoin items. The two bags I circled above are my two favorite (for now) because of all the detail. Look at that close up. Aren't they fabulous? That FALLEN ANGEL Tarot Tin looks great with any outfit. Also, if you need a tote who is better than Godzilla I ask you.

I tried to pick out bags for under 10sd but in my opinion just could not find any I liked. All the VOILE LADIES purses were way too big except for the two above both for only 4sd each. The Golden Fringe bag is to die for. 
Plus another tote from MUSEUM MILE that is MCQUEEN for 4sd also. Only in catalog and hard to find because it is not with the other bags from MM.

I hope you enjoyed my picks of must haves and havenots. 
As always feel free to share any items that you think should be added. 

Special Prize from me if you are the first one to post which bag is shown under two different store names. Don't forget your Stardoll name.

 Until next week GOOD BUYS ♥


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