Thursday, May 25, 2017



This incredible member has been with Stardoll since 2006? Can you imagine the changes she has seen? But let's not get into that. Here she is as Aphrodite among various pieces of Art. As a teacher in Japan, (killer job, huh?) she has lots of super cool interests which include Gundam and Gunpla. (Please tell me what that is) Also likes Sci-Fi like The Lord of the Rings and Dr. Who to Game of  Thrones and Disney!

Now we are in one of her rooms full of Couture Dresses. I would love to have some of those, wouldn't you? My favorite has to be her guitar collection seen below. Those are some rare beauties!

Please join me in wishing GINIAPARKS a very Happy Birthday! If you would like to visit her suite and write in her Guestbook or leave a small gift that would be fantastic but not mandatory.

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