Sunday, May 14, 2017


George Lucas's Birthday is today. Sorry I did not post a THEME for this weekend's OOTD. But will do so from now on, if it is okay with Jenna and the other moderators. Since some people have already posted an OOTD for Saturday and Sunday, I thought to make this themed post here. Anyone can enter, even if you already posted an outfit there.  Dress your doll up as your favorite STARWARS character or alien life form of your own creation. Post it HERE with your STARDOLL name. Those without their SD name will not be considered for the competition. 

Opened for a limited time. 

25 Stardollar Prizes will be awarded to the winners so up vote to help, please.

JUST UPDATED: I opened my doll's closet and storage for anyone who does not have these types of items. Feel free to visit Aonuk (same as on here) to do this comp. Search and you will find space suits, alien faces, wigs, etc. Decorate the Space background. Use my Beauty Parlor, whatever 

It would be so nice if you leave me a message in my guestbook if you stop by. 



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