Saturday, May 13, 2017


 Hi dollies! Hope you're having a great weekend :) What made me write this post is that while there are a lot of people who genuinely adore that modern haute couture presented in the new SBC collection, there are also people (moi) who kind of misunderstand it. 
Here's why. I, as a citizen of a post-Soviet country, have witnessed a very similar style in the streets of my city in the 90s, and in a way I'm really tired of it. Plus, my aesthetic is in between Alexander Wang and Riccardo Tisci and John Galliano. 
In other words, aside from a few items, this collection is a real challenge for me! And in this post I'm going to show you how to tone some things down and make them more wearable for those of us who are proudly basic like me :D Let's start!
 This look is mainly a power-dressing incarnation of a "wear red with pink" trend. Here I used a pair of not-too-hard to style pink mom jeans, and then I pretty much wanted to surround these with all red everything. Unfortunately, the shades of red are mostly not the same, which was my initial goal, but it's a NBD, right?
And this one is inspired by 90s Tom Ford's Gucci. Looks a bit different from what we see in brand's stores today, doesn't it? This is my version of a "morally ambiguous secretary turned boss's wife" look. #sorrynotsorry
Did you enjoy reading Alice in Wonderland as a kid (teen/adult/your option)? Did you enjoy watching Gone with the Wind? Here is a modern-day version of these two masterpieces combination. And I really love these Gosha-meets-Givenchy socks!
This dress was the toughest item for me. The thing is, where I live this pattern and this style are typical for...elder women's dressing gowns. This is probably what my granny would wear at home :) So I decided to play by this dress's rules and pair it with "slippers". Add a collared shirt, a clutch and well, it's a party look!
And this one, on the opposite, is almost my fave. I love the simple forms of the dress and the shoes (although I still find them a bit challenging), and removing the bag literally makes this look less evening-y. Magic!

Of course, this post is a rookie's version of "how to". I'd love to see your stylings of the items from the collection!

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