Friday, May 19, 2017


Please post your OOTD's for Friday's in comments.


Lastly, anyone who ALSO posts their ootd's to Instagram and tag's us @stardolls_most_wanted plus uses the #stardollsmostwanted or #stardollsmostwantedootd will also be entered in a $50sd raffle at the end of each month.

Please include the date and your Stardoll name.


~1 outfit per person per day
~No photo editing (other than background)

Please no cheating. Lets be honest and not use multiple accounts.


Sharlottstar said...

AWESOME! That's a great idea.
I wish I had an iphone... =(

Kkiby_Cristine said...

I'd love it! but i haven't an iphone jet,I think I'll buy it in ny this summer *.*!

Cali_Beauty said...

I've got an iPod nano.
4GB I still have lots of room though haha

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Yeah I had an 8gb ipod touch,but now I have the 16gb iphone. I wanted more room for kindle books and thbe twilight movie. haha

Anonymous said...

Don't worry that much about the worm/virus thing. As long as you don’t download anything suspicious, you should be ok. Also check to make sure your firewall is up and etc. Just in case.

Your computer should always be protected whether are not this is a hoax or not. Plus there’s tons or virus out there, so I don’t know why this one is so special. Hackers have nothing better to do than create chaos and confusion.


2_cutecarla said...

OMG! I have an ipod touch.
It's awesome.
I get on it everyday.
I play so many games.
I have a 8gb ipod touch, I want a iphone, but i am on verizon plans. Also iphones are conspicious. I don't want it getting stolen at my school.

Cali_Beauty said...

I don't need a phone which is why I didn't get an I dont get an iphone. I just want an ipod touch because the games are better haha, but I think I'd break something that delicate :P

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Its really not that delicate. believe my ipod touch had been thru hell. The games are the same for the ipod touch and iphone..

Jamie said...

I don't use Skype or anything, but yeah, i get your point.
From throwing rocks as entertainment to full-blown-ten-thousand-pixles-a-millimetre games is pretty fab.
If someone from like 40 or 50 years ago saw what it was going to be like now, they'd think we'd all been abducted by aliens or something XD
Yeah. Technology is awesome.

- xcrazy_chickx

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