Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Well, it was EXTREMELY difficult to just pick a few, but finally the results are in! It was a lot of work, checking all the challenges, counting the votes, making sure the finalists competed in every day of challenges etc and followed all the rules. Whew! Glad it's over, but it was a lot of fun!

Thank you to everyone who participated. You all did amazing jobs and I hope this challenged your creativity. Even if you did not win, don't be disappointed. You seriously did wonderful and made this near impossible to judge!

All 1st place winners get $100sd and 2nd place winners $50sd. HM's get a wish list gift ($20sd or less).
See Collecting Prizes tab above for how to claim your prize.

Now on to what you guys are waiting for!


1st Place:
Runner Up:

Honorable Mention:  Green_Eye_Angel, EmilyPeepers, Kickherout and Katyperrycupcak


1st Place:
Runner Up:
Honorable Mention: ilgd, MissLadyAnjah, dl.eclipse, Naomi_b


1st Place: 

Runner Up:
Honorable Mention: Modmayhem, ilgd, EmilyPeepers101, Daddysgurrl


1st Place:
Runner Up:

Honorable Mention: ilgd, Juliette116, Katya.desmont, Green_Eye_Angel


1st Place: 

Runner Up:

Honorable Mention: 
Green_Eye_Angel, Mirdth, Mmzznnxx, Myriamssmile, Juliette116

Emorox4eva, JosephinaA, Ms.Brigitte, Pwincesssara, Mailgirl101, Dinahdoll22, Kravisera

and YOU!
I took your up votes and comments into consideration!


Carla Dunne said...

Well done! All the winners made great outfits! Congrats to everyone!

Roxanne Gonzalez said...

:( oh well, nice job guys

LadyAnneLena said...

Well done girls. I love most of these. It was nice to take part. :)

Outfit3316 said...

These look awesome! Good job! ^-^

dl.eclipse said...

Thank you for picking me for honorable mention AND winner for military chic!
An congrats to all the other girls, I loved all the winner outfits, they are all truly amazing :D

JanaStarlite said...

Wow! Nice job done by all. I hope they all had fun doing all the tasks. BTW, and a little off-topic, anyone have any clues as to what happened to or is going to happen to THE CATWALK?? It's been down for more than two days.

Modmayhem said...

With all these awesome outfits I was surprised to get even honorable mention! You guys rocked these challenges! Thanks :)

_inda_ said...

OMG i won something! Thank you!

Lily-Ariana said...

Congrats, amazing outfits! Too bad I wasn't in anything

Katya.desmont said...

OMG i'm impressed hat i won runer up on the stripes and Floral stage and an honorable mention in military chic.. because there was many excellent looks... Congrats to all the winners.. you deserve it girls

ilgd said...

Thank you for the honorable mentions :)
Congratulations to everyone who participated and the wimmers of course!

EmilyPeepers101 said...

Awesome!! Runner Up twice and two honorable mentions, more than I ever could have hoped for ^.^ Ty

Maurice/Kickherout said...

wow ! thanks a million, and congrats to all the participants ! really, the winners, 2nd place and special mentions are truly good :) I'm glad to have been part of such a quality comp :3

Vale J said...

Congrats to all of you, but I have to say I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't win, or at least get a HM. I mean.. I think I did an amazing job for the MILITARY CHIC theme day, considering that I submitted one of the most realistic and fashionable entries.. I mean.. Would anyone really wear those outfits to the military? Anyways, it's okay, and I really appreciate your time Jenna for making this competition, I hope we get them in the future. And I understand it was hard to choose but it's okay :) I guess I'll just enter the next competition haha. Congrats to all the winners, you did a really good job. xoxo

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

I think you misunderstand what the object of the challenge was. It was not to create the most realistic military outfit. It was to create a fashionable military chic outfit which was described as military style with a feminine touch. Your entry was very good along with many others, but like many others it did not get sufficient votes from the judges panel. Everyone has their own style and everyone thinks their outfit is really good, but it depends on what we are looking for and the votes. We all know that only a few can win, which is why you can't compete to win, but to have fun and challenge yourself :)

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Someone mentioned they are working a new one or something

andreababy05 said...

OMG im so happy T-T , maybe im not the first place but i feel like a win an oscar or something like that lol
this blog make me love stardoll , thank you jenna and all the judges :)

mirdith said...

Thank you! It's great to see my name in there, in the last one! Hahaha
although i havent won any of the days i had so much fun in that challenges! I had to put effort and search for creativity and im happy with the result of it! :)

Thanks to jenna and all the rest of judges for organazing and helping in this competition! I hope there are more of this!!

Vale J said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Jenna. I have been thinking this whole time that the goal was to be realistic and fashionable at the same time. But I understand, its like in real life, the point is having fun :)

kat hinman said...

ummed that i didnt win, but the winners were very deserving!

sdoreymenano said...

Congratulations to the winners and to all that participated in the 5 challenges!!
There were amazing outfits and it must be so hard for you, judges, to choose the winners!!

popmaker/Kavina said...

Congrats on winners! Too bad for me....

mailgirl101 said...

Congratulations to each and every winner and everyone else who did a good job!
It's a shame I didn't have time to vote on this competition due to loads of schoolwork but it's good to see that others have handled the job so well. I just had time to come online here and comment on some posts to remind that I am not completely dead.
This seemed like a big, long contest with many winners which is awesome! I am glad that everyone had chances.

lahurina said...

;( Oh,well,congrats to the winners!
This was an amazing comp and I hope there will be more of them coming

Agnes Agi Fischer said...

congrats to all of you amazing outfits...

Green_Eye_Angel said...

I was surprised to see that I've won day 3 since that was the outfit I liked the least but still, I'm over the moon happy. I especially appreciate the three honourable mentions and I can't thank the team enough for this competition. These 5 days were so challenging and fun and I pushed my creativity to a limit I never knew I had. Congratulations not just to all the winners but to everyone who participated - your entries were just as amazing as they were inspiring!

Juliette116 said...

OMG! I can't believe I have won 1st day and HM of 4th and 5th day. Thanks for all judges. Also congratulations to the other winners: You've done amazing job, guys. :)

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