Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I'm sure many of you have seen already, but Stardoll has updated their home screen with a 
more modern, panoramic spotlight area.

While, I was kind hoping for some other more pertinent updates, I really do like the look of it! 

Hopefully, there are more updates to come and we will get some of the ones on our wishlist soon. 

What is your most wished for update? 
I desperately want the closets to be improved....

Any more improvements you have noticed?
Thanks to all of you who let us know about it in chat!

Also, there are two more FREE Monster High dresses on the main page. 

Again, if you are from the USA just click on the advertisements in the side bar.

If not from the  US, you would have to use a proxy. 


Roxanne Gonzalez said...

hahaha no i am so not getting these dresses by choice

Outfit3316 said...

The new home screen wont load for me. Its basically just a white box. Annd these dresses are nasty.

dl.eclipse said...

I like the new page. But where did the NCG go? Thats the real question

amy235 said...

These dresses are not for me

MissLadyAnjah said...

Can't see NCG and that's a big overlook to me!

Modmayhem said...

I honestly don't mind the Monster High dresses, they are cute in a way XD
I would like a different closet feature for the main room! Something similar to the secondary rooms, from the side.
I would like the closet to be separated into categories as well, I hate trying to categorize them myself.

Prikazna said...

Look great!!!

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