Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fashion diaries: Soda Femi Grey, Miss Sixty - Elizabeth and James and Lady GaGa wearing Lee

This week, the musts for April hit Stardoll, taken from real brands.
The first one are these grey boots. They are designed by Soda Femi Grey, a brand that designs
basically shoes and some purses and bags.
Their boots are characterized by that wrinkle effect, but it hasn't something
really breathtaking in their collections. The boots in real life cost $30 aprox. and the stardoll version is in the StarPlaza for 5 stardollars, available for nonsuperstars.
Real Version

Stardoll Version

The next items are these boots, that appear in Miss Sixty New Collection, that's now available in the StarPlaza. Well, I've not only found the real version (that costs $100 in real life)... I found a clone!

Real Version

Stardoll Version

The clone! It's designed by Elizabeth and James, an expensive brand that had amazing collections!
You can check them out here.

And here's Miss Sixty Summer 2011 campaign:

H-M-lookbook-summer-2011 H & M pictures for summer 2011 lookbook

And finally, the last item that is copied! It follows that jeans trend that will be really in this summer!
Just look at Lady GaGa wearing the denim Jacket that we can find in the spoilers!
It look a casual and rock touch to all the outfits and make them totally edgy.
Would you try something like this?
GaGa's outfit with Lee denim Jacket
Stardoll Version
Oh, and I'm sure you all have seen those bracelets that she made to help Japan, right?
If not, check them out here!

"We Pray For Japan" Prayer Bracelet

She seems to be very active ultimatively!
Didn't you know about her debut in the runway?
Yes! Lady GaGa in the runway with Coco Rocha!
It was for the Mugler show in Paris Fashion Week, and the clothes were truly amazing!
Check it out.

And check out the remix of her song "Born This Way"!

If you think you could make a breathtaking outfit with any of these clothes, just paste the link in comments! (:
Will you buy any of these?

Agnes Chimère aka JosephinaA


-Margaret278- said...

nice!! love the ankle boots!

PwincessSara/Sara said...

I don't mind Lady Gaga that much, but Born this Way didn't really appeal to me that much. Also, I think her style can be a bit TOO OTT sometimes. Meat dress, anyone? xD But it's good to hear that she's raising awareness for Japan.

I love the Miss Sixty boots. SO CUTE! But expensive much, in RL? xD

salina98 said...

I adore those ankle boots and those bracelets that GaGa designs...I hope they will be available at my country :D

iloveanimals28 said...

I love the new Miss Sixty collection TOO MUCH :o


GoldenHeart Threads said...

I like some of the little dresses. The one shoulder dress and the sleeveless pink balloon dress for example. I like the black clone ankle boots

vennesa4eva said...

gosh their is nudity and i like born this way now, also i love layd gags denim vest!!!

Jaderiane said...

Those E&J boots are adorable

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

I love thos grey ankle boots.I bought them!


Sarah/DivaMiley1992 said...

Of course I like it! I just adore the ankle boots!

sa...gataki said...

nice post!!!!!

evermore1girl said...

Oh my gosh just look at Gagas hair it is so dramatic. I think we could be seeing her modelling for gucci or d&g next ^^...

red.girll said...

love the boots!!!

miley said...

i really love the miss sixty colection! and hate the denim jacket!!
and i already saw what Lady Gaga did for Japan in news.. but i hate Lady Gaga !!!!!!!!!!! somuch i hate her i hate her!!!!

Regina226 said...

i love the boots :DD

Fairydew said...

They are cool ;)

Zoey/zoey-good_girl★ said...


Carolyn (LonnaLang) said...

Nice! :D Those are cute shoes! :D

iluvladygaga1 said...

salina98, I heard u an get the prayer bracelets online at her website . i don't know if that will work 4 ur country but its worth a try :) they r 5 bucks just iin case u didn't know.

Lolly140 said...

I love the miss sixty boots :)

Pray for Japan !

Romana/Romana.Dawn said...

Awesome post!

Anonymous said...

I ♥ Lady GaGa!

sim1623 said...

Oh my my, the first video is a bit inappropriate

sim1623 said...

BTW; I am happy, stradoll is something for JAPAn

sim1623 said...



mojonik said...

So awesome! I love Lady GaGa. <3

♥Petra/Shakira_Avril said...

They look so much better in real life version o;

Kim/PopStarKizzle♥ said...

I think lady gaga is a bit OTT and tries too hard to be original. I'm not a big fan of her at all really. But it's good that she is helping Japan get back on their feet. I admire her for that. :-)

I love some items of clothing, but no doubt they are expensive in real life.

Anonymous said...

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