Saturday, June 23, 2018

SMW goes to the World Cup: The Ultime WAG Style by YOU

Hello dolls! I apologize for not being here enough. I'm an adult and I have responsibilities (sadly).

But I noticed that many of you are watching the WC and rooting for them handsome boys(and not so handsome too). So I decided to make this little comp about WAGs.

But what does the term WAG stands for?
Wives and girlfriends of famous sportsmen.
I don't think I need to introduce them
Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham (yeah, i know they're vintage but they were the trendsetters!)

Képtalálat a következőre: „shakira barcelona shirt”

Your task is to create a style that you would wear as a WAG or create an outfit for your fav WAG. Don't be afraid to be extra AF!


40 sd if 10 or more entries

Post entries with username till July 7th

Good luck!!!

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