Sunday, June 10, 2018

Fashion Challenge SIGN UP and 1st Challenge

Hello dolls, as I said I'm going to start a challenge competition with multiple rounds and 100 sd to win and an exclusive interview as Medoll of the Month!

In each round you guys will be given a theme and you'll have to create an outfit in that theme.
Those who'll get the less points in each round according to the jury, will be eliminated.
Themes will get harder as we'll approach the final. 

- you can create your outfit in your suite or in scenery or in plaza.
- no photoshopping is allowed 
- keep the deadlines
- be fair with each other
- don't forget your username

1st Round

Street Smart
Create a look that can win the streets of your town or New York or Paris, it's your choice!

You have 1 (one) week to enter, it'll be closed on June 17th!


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