Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Hello everyone. You probably want to know which dolls are models, so I'll keep this short. I just want to thank everyone who applied as a model. If you haven't applied yet you can still do it HERE.


Model: ElenaGao2
Very talented girl, who actually created an amazing long dress from stardesigns items, and I'd like to ask you to visit her and see it for yourself.

If I said Jasmine von der Bogaerde, you probably wouldn't know who I'm talking about, but if I said Birdy, you'd probably know right away. This UK singer became famous after her single Skinny Love was featured in The Vampire Diaries (if I remember right in Delena scene). You may also know her as the singer who sung songs for The Fault in Our Stars, The Hunger Games and Brave and personally I love her song People Help The People. Birdy also has an amazing style, so it was only matter of time when she'll be featured in these articles. As for the look itself, I'd say it's simple, little bit vintage, wearable both on Stardoll and in real life. If you decide to recreate it, you can find the shorts, the blouse and the jakcet in Starplaza. Boots and the bag can be found in Starbazaar. Thights are an Academy freebe, and they can easily be replaced with other black thights, like the ones from Voile that are in Plaza. 


Model: starbursrts
I'd say she dress quite a bit like a rock diva herself, and she also deserves a visit.

You may know Taylor Momsen as Jenny from The Gossip Girl, but personally I prefer Taylor as a leader of rock band The Pretty Reckless. If you still haven't heard any of her songs I suggest that you do. My personal favorite would have to Heaven Knows. As for the look, Taylor varies her look quite a bit, from quite girly looks (most come from her time as Jenna) to as starbursrts said IDGAF looks. I picked a look that in my opinion mixes a bit of both. If you decided to recreate it, you can find the braclet in the Plaza, as well as the skirt and the shirt. Thights can be bought in Starbazaar or won on the Vote. The shoes can be found in Starbazaar.

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