Thursday, October 9, 2014

New floor of Callie's Picks

There's new floor of Callie's Picks in the Plaza. There are four starcoins items, and the rest of prices range from 5 to 40 stardollars. Boys also got one outfit.

As you can notice this collection is black and white. As much as I can see there are few pieces of Chanel tribute, the shirt, the tights and the beige bag. Black hat is from Alice and Olivia tribute store and its price is near to original.
Do you like it? Will you be buying anything?

I really loved this feature that our blog had, so I decided to bring it back this time. Here are the original stores and prices of items I menaged to find. Seems like Callie had her eye set on Windows on the World, Fallen Angel and Decades. If you know original store or price of any item I hadn't listed, please share with us.

Special thanks to miridithMissLadyAnjah, Ruth, Juliette116, you.sra612 for helping us find original stores and prices.


JOE412 said...

a whole sc outfit boy now completely in sd
a slim fit pants don't fits
well, i excuse them since i love the boots and i got them. i already own the vest through Bad luck :/

JanaStarlite said...

I really don't care for this collection. I bought the Dalmatian.

Modmayhem said...

I own all the boy stuff already, like Joe said, everything was SC.
I like a lot of the items, I'm glad to see the Chanel Shirt, because I missed it last time.
I sold my tights a while ago, so I'm happy to see them back as well. I didn't lose money because I sold them ^_^
Love the chain purse! I like the blazer dress, but I can probably find it in the Starbazaar for cheaper.
Loveeee the sheer white dress, the fishnet dress is really cool.
Not feeling the hats at all.
Overall I love this collection, one of Callie's best in a while

MissLadyAnjah said...

WotW - Black Ballet Platforms = 80sc
WotW - Black Wrap Blazer Dress = 7SD
Chanel Tribute - CC Hearts Tee = 32SD

mirdith said...

Not a bad collection but I alredy own all the items I like. The chanel bag is nice, but too big. That's why I sold the one I had from the original store, so I won't be buying again. The only thing I would maybe buy will be the wrap blazer dress

Btw, prizes:
White belt: WotW - 30sc
Striped jacket: WotW - 5sd (there wasn't sc back then, but now on the bazaar is only available to sell on sc's)
White Pants: Fallen Angel - 98sc

MissLadyAnjah said...

...and I believe that the Chanel Classic Chain Strap Purse was originally 40SD too...according to those I found in StarBazaar and compared with the original prices with other bags from the same collection. --needs confirmation--

amaia_estebanez said...

My favs of this collection are the dalmatian and the wrap blazer dress. :)

I made a black & white outfit, this is it;

Juliette116 said...

i'm not a fan of this collection, I have most of this items and I'm only thinking of buying chanel bag.
The stripped top was from WOWF and costed 6sd

JosephinaA said...

The WotW Inspired by De la Renta Jacket is actually 5sc (it was released before the starcoin system, when they decided to mess things up :D).
I love most of this collection, I count 17 items I like. This release is really expensive, too much, but I'm actually glad because I missed most part as they were released during my hiatus from Stardoll hehe

Ruth said...

I remember the dog [: I remembered that it was in starcoins, and I found a proof - picture from the good old Sims 3 store [: For 120sc. Too bad those pets aren't sellable.

MissLadyAnjah said...

Safety Strap Boots by Tingeling = 7SD
Scandinavian Grey Shorts by WotW = 5SD
Stunning Falls Scarf by Tingeling = 5SD
Iman Black top by Folk = 5sc (at the time before starcoins it cost me ofc, 5SD)

you.sra612 said...

not a fan of this collection, won't be buying anything.
am pretty sure the basque sleeveless shirt is also from WoW.
the sheer white dress and black and white(looks more like blue) romper are from Alice&Olivia tribute store.

Roxanne Gonzalez said...

UGH I was going to sell my CHANEL t-shirt but guess not!

Kavina :) said...

I noticed some boy clothes, Stardoll is really thinking about them now. :)

Roxanne Gonzalez said...


Soo Ann♡ said...

I tought it was Pizza... But it was Plaza xD
Ahm, I loved this collection so much ♥
No comp? :(
Pretty collection (But the high prizes are the worse.)
That bag, why is 40 Stardollars? D;

Haya said...

I've expected a lot from this collection, byut it was okay? id rate it 4/10. . . :-/
There are few items that I like and will surely be buying, though. O:)

dl.eclipse said...

It's not that bad... But I expected more. I like the Chanel bag tho lol

sdoreymenano said...

This collection is ok, however as everyone else I was expecting some other items, but well ... there will be the next picks, lol, maybe someday I get the items I am wanting to be released :P

Soo Ann♡ said...

I know what you mean, Dkny Scuba Dress xD

mirdith said...

Amaia! Can I take this look for my blog? I'll give you credit and a link to your suite :)

sdoreymenano said...

No dear, DKNY will never be re-released as it is a limited collection according to what CEO said in an interview :) I was expecting some other B&W items such Ashley bag, Tiffany's Hat, some really cute B&W gowns that we had in the past and so on :)

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