Friday, October 10, 2014

The Price is Right: HB Edtion Belted High Pants Winner AND HB COMP

*HB Comp at bottom of post*

The fourth Hot Buy of October has been released! Here are the results!
( I apologize for the delay! )

The Hot Buys Belted High Pants have been released for 16 Stardollars!

Many of you guessed 18 Stardollars, but I'm really impressed on how close you guys were!
so now let's congratulate:
for guessing the right price!

The winner of the Hot Buys Belted High Pants and 25 Stardollars is...



See Collecting Prizes on how to claim your prize!

Until next time! -Oayes


Create an outfit using this HB and post the pic in comments. Don't forget your Stardoll Name.
Entries will be placed in poll for all to vote. 

Remember the HB should be the focal point of the outfit! 

Win $50sd.

Please remember:
~ NO PHOTO EDITING OF DOLL OR CLOTHES. Background is allowed only.
~ You must be a follower of both this blog and member of club Hotbuys_Bazaar.
~ You must register in the chat box. Click HERE for details.
~ Screen print must be large and clear. Please crop to show only your entry.
~ Can be created from Starplaza
~ Post pic in comments, I will not view links.
~ Don't forget to leave your Stardoll Name
~ No cheating by entering more than once under other accounts and/or copying other peoples entries. 
~ The HB must be well seen and not covered up too much. It should be the focal point of the outfit. 
~ Be creative AND stylish

~ Space is limited


mirdith said...

I still haven't guessed any!! Is that even possible?
How can I be so bad? Hahahaha

katyperrycupcak said...

so pricey ... but I guess it could have been worse.

I know I won't be buying them though, they almost remind me of the old freebie items.

Catieh150 ^-^ said...

My entry for the poll
user: catieh150

Soo Ann♡ said...

Don't worry Mirdith, You are not ;)
This time (It will be cheap because the Hb possed fall look is so expensive xD)
So I guess, The rest HotBuys will be all cheap! Yehay!

☞ Raka ☜ said...

User: glitter1029

JosephinaA said...

I'm not really digging these pants, so I'm sure I won't buy for that price!
I think they look nice with Nelly items though, so here's my look :)
User: JosephinaA

ExtravaganceSD said...

I really loooove the pants... here's my entry

mirdith said...

love this outfit!
I love that mum sweatshirt but I still haven't bought cause im not sure of how i would wear it! Your outfit rocks!! xx

mirdith said...

that jacket is sooo nice!! Looks great with your outfit :)

mirdith said...

I can't remember what I wrote, but I'm sure that if it's cheap, i'm sure i wrote that is expensive lol

Juliette116 said...

Here is mine look. I'm not sure if I really like this pants, but I bought them :)

Modmayhem said...

I don't like these pants, very rarely do I dislike an item this much! Not buying :/

bella98twilight said...

I'd prefer it if it wasn't so short

Prizla said...

Hey ♥ I'm here again, I had some issues with my old computer... Hope you like it :)

JanaStarlite said...

Won't be buying these, either. Way too short!

amy235 said...

Here's my outfit :) I really like these pants. User: amy235

Ðħäŵī★ said...

user: dhawistar
not a big fan of these pants tho...anyway here's my outfit :)

Ilva said...

I am surprised, was used to guess wrong all the time but it's two right guesses in a row, and this time was even lucky to win! Tho I do not like the pants, some of the entries are amazing, and, as the contest just opened, I bet more are yet to come...

FloralDelRey <-- said...

Doll: FloralDelRey
I went for a bohemian look! ♥

۞iStefany- said...

Here is my look. Good luck everyone!
username: iStefany-

andreababy05 said...

hi girls , im back :)

A2001Hlove said...

here u go


sdoreymenano said...

Here is my entry, hope you like it!! Kisses to all

Maria/Lizadogcute said...

This is my entry! Hope you'll like it :) Username:Lizadogcute

♥ Daffy said...


ChloeCavit said...

I decided I'd keep it simple by sticking to black. :)
I also included silver (the chain on the bag and the beads on the beret) to match the belt buckle.
Hope you like it!


whatsernam3 said...

here is mine (:

Regina226 said...

here is my entry x]

LadyAnneLena said...

I actually think that these pants are kind of cute. Here's how I would would wear them.

Heneda said...


Nalco said...


Nalco said...

Good job girl!! Like it!

Nalco said...


Nalco said...


Nalco said...


dl.eclipse said...

These pants are so expensive for something so extremely ugly. But anyways, here is my entry. Doll is dl.eclipse :)

ambrosey1/ria said...

my entry ;)

lovable_emo22 said...


Ms.Brigitte said...

The comp is still awaiting entries! Submit your look now!

Stardoll Ghazooy said...

Hmm the belt is just too big for me ya feel :p But yeah idk I was gonna make my outfit classy but like I wanted to stand out even tho it looks meh haha good luck all xx

Platinumgals said...

Again, an item I would've overlook until I start trying to make a look out of it. Now I'm in love with it, and still debating whether to buy it or not.

JosephinaA said...

Thank you ♥♥

MissLadyAnjah said...

...and I made it! lol

eyaAnge said...

i'll try to do something soon :)

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