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Known for its simplicity and basic color scheme, a boho vibe was incorporated for next summer keeping it simple with effortless hairstyle and barely noticeable make-up.

John Galliano
Bill Gaytten made it totally clear that green is about to be the new black. With leafs as detailing, flatforms and printed dresses were the main attraction. Not as dramatic as John Galliano himself would make it by far, but I personally love it!

A complete black and white collection with brown details and lots of embroidery.

 Giambattista Valli
This time he went for romantic looks with pastels, thin bows and florals. We can see a lot of tassels and feathers too, and oversized necklaces as a must!

Sonia Rykiel
Ok, so I must admit I'm in love with this collection, and not only for bringing back Miranda Kerr to the runway. The criss crossed tops and those sandals look amazing!

 Elie Saab
This time sequins were replaced for lace and crazy pattern mixes that will make you fall in love with the collection. I need those gowns for my medoll!

Paul & Joe
Following the boho 70's vibe, a guide on how to style printed shirts.

Which ones do you like?


FloralDelRey <-- said...

My favorite recap! I love everything!

katyperrycupcak said...

I just noticed that there wasn't an Auckland Fashion Week post :o

So to make up for it, please check out World Of Wearable Art . com
it's a New Zealand event

۞iStefany- said...

Giambattista Valli's dresses are beautiful! Great job with the pastel colors. Thanks for the recap :)

RawrGoregous said...

There ALL So FAB! :O
I need the ASAP D:

Rob Bentz said...

OMG Stardoll i Will die if i see Any if collection in tribute form or LE

JosephinaA said...

I started writing for SMW just in time for NYFW in September, so I had to skip Copenhagen Fashion Week and New Zealand Fashion Week (and some more, I think) to be up to date :/

I checked the website and it's amazing! Thanks for sharing!
*refresh for pic of my favourite one*

JosephinaA said...

I'm sure they will release some of them!

dl.eclipse said...

Omg... this is definitely my FAV recap ever. Where to start? Ahh
Chloé's dresses are amazing, especially the one in the 3rd picture. I also like the colours, and the blue dress looks like something a girl would wear to romantic beach dinner, so I love it lol
Not impressed by Galliano - I just don't like green.
Givenchy is beyond perfect, I can't even say anything else. Those beautiful jackets make me want to grab Stardoll by the collar, and make them remake these items.
Valli's collection is so cute, it is something I'd love to wear.
Rykiel collection... Well, I like what Miranda is wearing haha Not sure about the rest
Elie Saab presents again the perfect collection. I can't say anything else. I love Elie <3
Paul & Joe's outfits look very 'everyday-ish' which I love :)

JosephinaA said...

There will be a lot of green for Spring/Summer 2015, but Stardoll can always change the colors! I fell in love with Givenchy jackets too *.*

sdoreymenano said...

These are amazing collections, but for me, Elie Saab is my fav. one, it is perfect, right? But the other collections have great outfits :) The B&W collection of Givenchy is so glamorous , the 3rd dress of Chloe is simply gorgeous, the 4th dress of Paul&Joe is absolutelly lovely!!

beniiik said...

Wow, the Elie Saab collection is gorgeous!
I wish Stardoll would make an E.S. collection too... I would definitely buy that!

JosephinaA said...

Yes, Elie Saab is just perfect! I totally agree :)

JosephinaA said...

Me too! *-*

mirdith said...

I've just add Givenchy to my favorite designers list!! I LOVE IT!!! PERFECTION!!!!

hootblood said...

my fav 3 are Elie Saab , Givenchy and Chloé

BelleTheBeauty5 said...

Wow I'm liking Paul and Joe and Elie Saab too! Just soo FAB

BelleTheBeauty5 said...

They should little cheaper than the normal prices of LE's or Tributes so we all can afford! They will be a hit :D

BelleTheBeauty5 said...

Yes i love everything toooo o.O

BelleTheBeauty5 said...

LOL they are

BelleTheBeauty5 said...

I agree and yes thanks

BelleTheBeauty5 said...


BelleTheBeauty5 said...


BelleTheBeauty5 said...


BelleTheBeauty5 said...


BelleTheBeauty5 said...

Hahah yes its my fav too!

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